Taste of Israel


As we walked the aisles of the recent Fancy Food Show, we were delighted to discover many wonderful new foods and beverages from Israel. We felt so at home and  excited to taste and enjoy the myriad of foods now being produced throughout the country. So readers, in addition to technology, medical breakthroughs and forward thinking scientists, Israel is heading to the forefront of kosher food and wine. Do ask your grocer or supermarket to consider carrying some of these products!

Some of our favorites:

Shelley Anne: Shelley Anne produces whole grain crackers from only whole grains and seeds. They are 100% natural, high in dietary fiber, low in saturated fat, contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no additives, and are a good source of many nutrients. In addition to crackers, products include a variety savory snacks such as Bread Rings and Bagel Sticks- oven baked with only a few ingredients using a traditional recipe.

Neviot_WaterNeviot: Founded in 1989, Neviot is a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural mineral water with a unique mineral composition, including a significant amount of calcium, low sodium, and natural fluoride. Neviot's bottling factory is considered to be one of the most advanced in the world. It is located on the outskirts of Kiryat Shmona, close to the water source at the aquifer in the Upper Galilee, at the foot of the Naftali Mountain. The mineral water is transferred into the factory directly from the drilling point, using an underground pipe.  In 2006, Neviot+ was launched - a product which includes the classic Neviot mineral water with added vitamins and light flavors. Flavors available are peach, apple, lemon-lime, grapefruit, and grape. And now you can wake up with- Neviot+ Energy, in a delicate pear flavor with added caffeine. http://www.neviot.co.il/About-Neviot

Elsas_Story_ImageElsa’s Story: The mission of Elsa’s Story is to preserve and maintain the elements of home made baked goods with professional product development and commercial quantity. Elsa’s Story is to make their cookies and cakes just the way they’re made at home. The cakes, crackers, and cookies are supplemented by a line of jams and preserves.  KosherEye tasted and tasted Elsa’s scrumptious buttered cookies, the brown sugared, the lemon, the strawberry and the raspberry. Simply said, if you see this brand, try it. If not, ask your grocer to stock it.

CousCous Maison: Couscous Maison is the largest Israeli manufacturer of pre-cooked couscous. Offering a variety of authentic ethnic flavors, the range of couscous products is available in large grain, regular or fine, and whole wheat. According to family legend, it was Phillipe, the smallest member of the Chriqui family that had recently immigrated to Israel from North Africa, who missed his favorite dish and asked for couscous. Phillipe's father, David, went out to buy some and, discovered there was none to be had. As the legend goes, David Chriqui decided to establish a factory in Israel that would produce ready-made couscous for quick and easy home cooking.

Aunt Berta’s:
Aunt Berta was born 94 years ago, but her recipes for handmade confitures, marmalades, and sauces live on today.  Aunt Berta’s kitchen was transformed into a modern manufacturing facility. Today Aunt Berta’s is a part of Beth El Food which produces a wide range of confitures, sauces and handmade pralines- all free of preservatives and food coloring. Aunt Berta’s Apricot Preserves won a gold Sofi award for outstanding jam at the Fancy Food Show.  http://www.be-food.com




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