Highlights of Twitter #Passoverpty

Co-host Chef Jeff Nathan

We would like to share some of the highlights of KosherEye's 90 minute Passover Twitter Party with Co-host Chef Jeff Nathan. And yes, he did send us the recipes requested by several Tweeters!
(Taken directly from Twitter conversation with a few corrections for clarity)

CJN = Chef Jeff Nathan
T      = Tweeters

The Passover Twitter Party started with Chef Jeff's tweet "Let's discuss Matzoh Balls..."  Many questions flew back and forth regarding the "how/what/why" of matzoh balls.

  • CJN: And yes, this year at our seders we're serving the same maztzo balls that I beat Bobby Flay with!
  • A little extra chicken fat can't hurt either :)
  • Yes, I do skim the "shmaltz"
  • yes, that's my secret ingredient :). I use 1/2 oil and 1/2 chix fat
  • the easiest way to get schmaltz is to skim it off your chicken soup.
  • I cook my Matzoh Balls in half water and half soup
  • I always cook them ahead and let them sit in broth
  • back to Matzoh Balls....don't overwork batter
  • yes, I love fresh herbs in my Matzoh Balls also cracked black pepper
  • I use a meat based soup for my matzo ball, but a light veggie broth will be good to use
  • most recipes call for 20 minutes... I simmer for 40! (for "sinker" matzoh balls)
  • we'll be happy to share the recipe later, but the trick is in how long you simmer them. (Chef Jeff Nathan's recipe for "Sinker" Matzo Balls)

T:  Questions on Haroset
CJN:  my favorite is my mango haroset... but my wife prefers her Kumquat Haroset

  • of course we do the old fashioned with apples and red wine at the Abigael's seders. our quests love the traditionals
  • sure! we'll send the kumquat haroset recipe later
  • T: I like Quinoa
    CJN: boil it like any other grain until it's tender than season while warm

    • I have a great quinoa tabouli recipe in my first cookbook
    • cook quinoa like any other grain... in rapidly boiling salted water. season while still warm

    T: Questions for Seder's at Abigael's
    CJN: the Seders at Abigael's are private and communal with a chabad rabbi. great stories!

    T: Question: What does his family like for breakfast
    CJN: our favorite breakfast is to do an Italian fritatta, topped with honey

    T:  Cookbook Question
    CJN: new cookbook out next year... with lots of Passover dishes!

    • my favorite recipe in the cookbook for Passover is the Gefilte Fish Terrine

    T: Questions on Desserts
    CJN: Choc Mousse is my fav. and easy dessert for Passover

    • besides fresh fruits for dessert, sorbets are really refreshing too
    • If you like paarfaits, try my Blueberry Lemon Parfait... fabulous and yes, for passover
    • blueberry syrup, lemon curd, whipped cream and macaroons

    CJN: a great fish for Passover is garlic crusted salmon and herb crusted sea bass

    T:  Questions on Brisket
    CJN: cook brisket long and slow

    • brisket recipes abound! my favorities are with apple cider or my Latin one with chimichuri
    • keep the brisket moist and covered and season it in a theme... latin, asian, southwestern...
    • brisket roasted at 325 F until cooked through... depends on brisket weight for timing

     T: Questions on Olive Oil

    • my favorite is the capenzana from tuscany, but I belong to the olive oil of the month club, so I try new ones all the time
    • I love all olive oils, Israel, Spain, Australia etc.

    CJN: I live using citrus juice instead of salt for all my cooking

    CJN: citrus reacts on the tongue the same as salt, so squeeze before you shake if you want to cut down on sodium

    T: Questions on Kugels
    CJN: I love my cauliflower and almond kugel, and always add herbs to potato kugel. also broccoli rable and garlic kugel... delish!

    T: Favorite family recipe
    CJN: matzo brie with fried salami is our favorite family recipe... likely because we do it on our day off!

    T: "Breading" for Fried Chicken
    CJN: best breading for P. would be equal parts matzo meal w/ matzo farfel, plus herbs and seasonings

    • I mix the farfel with matzo meal. the farfel gives it texture, like panko
    • I use it for chix fingers....the kids love it

     T: Kitchen Tips
    CJN: make sure your knives are sharp before the holiday!

    • sharp knives sure does work wonders in the kitchen
    • There are so many mandolins to use. I love them
    • or invest in a small multi chopper or inexpesive mandolin or food slicer/ dicer/ chopper
    • I have lots of quick tips on U tube, several that are good for passover. search for jeff nathan quick tips

    T: Tip for boiling and peeling a lot of eggs
    CJN: I always add vinegar to the water

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