Eating Our Way through. . . Miami Beach


Is an excellent kosher restaurant an oxymoron? As we travel the country, we happily encounter more and more choices for good kosher dining. We savor these experiences--when service, ambience and food quality meet or exceed our expectations. How exciting it was to walk up 41st street in Miami Beach and find so many good kosher options in such a central location.

Photo courtesy of RARE Steakhouse

What a pleasure it was to dine in RARE Steakhouse, where we enjoyed a memorable meal along with wonderful service from an experienced and accommodating staff. Of course, we ate too much, but, heck, we were on vacation.


Check out our mouthwatering menu--- We started the meal with duck spring rolls, wok seared and served alongside green apple slaw and mango dip. Then came baby iceberg wedges with tomato, pastrami bacon strips and crispy onion toppers. Our entrée was a 16-ounce boneless black angus rib eye (yes we shared!) garnished with giant tater tots and a brandy peppercorn demi-glaze.


And our dessert -- Superb hot chocolate molten cake, vanilla ice cream and meringue. RARE is definitely a special occasion restaurant – entrees start at $23, and hand cut steaks range in price from $32 - $69. But come on- the splurge is worth it --Miami is a special occasion city.

More news from RARE– Shabbos dinner and lunch are available by reservation. From all the buzz we heard, the restaurant is sold-out most weeks in season (through April). So if you want to go, do reserve early. The menu is extensive.


House of Dog

How about a Reuben hot dog, enrobed in a bun and slathered with slaw, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, parve faux kosher cheese and pastrami.... Or a Reuben burger with the same toppings. Add a side of onion rings and Belgian fries. . . and all we can say is Wowie! Take the family and go chow down at this casual eatery.

Entrepreneurial restaurateur Baruch Sandhaus of Extreme Catering owns both of these outstanding restaurants. Stay tuned; we hear that he is opening additional House of Dog locations.

Through April in Miami—Another 41st Street option presented by Danziger caterers: Shabbat dinner and lunch at the new Miami Beach JCC, overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway. The building is convenient, located within walking distance of a number of synagogues and hotels.  For information, see

And more:
While in Miami, don't miss visiting Schakolad, Miami Beach Chocolates – for a parve or dairy chocolate experience. Pick up a slice of pizza from Lenny's, enjoy breakfast at the Tasti-Beach Café or stop in at Dunkin Donuts or the adjacent Baskin Robbins for dessert. Still hungry? Go to Kastner's Market and pick up some authentic NY style real cheese danish to go.

Kosher Certified Establishments in Miami are listed here:



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