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Soom Foods is a family business, developed and operated by three entrepreneurial sisters —Shelby, Jackie and Amy Zitelman. All three, originally from Rockville Maryland and graduates of the Charles E. Smith Day School, have a passion for business, food and a healthful lifestyle. Their company is dedicated to introducing their treasured tehina to the American market and educating Americans to its nutritional benefits and many uses! Ask the sisters and they will reply "tehina goes great in everything from traditional middle-eastern dips (hummus), to sauces, marinades, sweet spreads, and even baked goods!".

How did they learn about tehina? The answer is all in the family. Jackie moved to Israel, eventually marrying a tehina expert (Omri) who introduced the three to tehina made from Ethiopian sesame seeds. They loved it, and decided that the "tahini" found in the states was far misrepresenting such a delicious ingredient.

Soom Foods tehina is imported from a factory in Northern Israel and is made from white Humera sesame. It is a pure sesame butter with a wonderful flavor, and it makes for a very versatile ingredient in both savory and sweet recipes. (Think of it as peanut butter made from sesame seeds!). We think that this tehina is truly delicious and is good enough to just lick off a spoon. (Yup, we have!)

Soom Foods believes that health, honesty, sustainability and philanthropy are essential elements for living a quality life and running a quality business. To support their philanthropic mission, they have joined the organization One Percent for the Planet.

  • Gluten Free, Peanut-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, All Natural
  • Manufactured in Israel
  • Certified kosher, parve by the OK
  • Provides protein, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals

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