Comfort Desserts

Guest Columnist - Alex 'The Kosherologist' Idov

We are delighted to introduce a fellow Atlantan, with a new blog. Meet Alex 'the Kosherologist' Idov who is the man behind the blog 'Kosherology' and a regular contributing food columnist to The Five Towns Jewish Home.

Kosherology is a fun new kosher blog, which shares great recipes, cool kosher products & places, restaurant reviews, kosher/Jewish food nostalgia, and an inside look into the college classes of the Kosherologist's culinary degree. Alex is currently studying for his bachelor's degree in Culinary Sustainability (a cutting-edge culinary degree).

Visit the 'Kosherology' blog at and like the Kosherology Facebook page as well.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. . .
. . . But these desserts are so delightful. . .
These "comfort desserts" Alex is sharing with KosherEye readers are a real treat on cold winter days. His favorite is the Bourbon Mousse with gingersnaps - "a perfect pair (What could be bad? It's got bourbon in it!). Also, a delectable treat anytime: moist rum raisin bars . . .can you say "Yummm!!!"

Bourbon Mousse
Gingersnap Cookies
Rum Raisin Bars


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