Norman Kabak

Winner of KosherEye's Name Our Piggy Contest

Finally meet Norman Kabak, the creative gentleman who submitted the winning name for Ms. Traifie KosherEye. 

We have had an interesting correspondence with Norman.  Born and raised in NYC, this native New Yorker has lived in Wellington, New Zealand for the past three years. What started out as a two week holiday, turned into an extended stay for Norman and his wife.  

According to Norman, “the New Zealand Jewish community has about 7,500 Jews. The number of food items available to those who keep kosher, are minimal."  With this in mind, Norman founded Kiwi Certified Quality, Ltd., a company dedicated to exporting New Zealand products that are certified Allergen/Additive Free, Organic, Vegetarian, Halal, and/or Kosher. Norman feels that a renewed interested in the exportation of these products will result in the availability of more product choices for the New Zealand kosher consumer.

The winning prize was a wonderful assortment of some of “Ms. Traifie KosherEye's” favorites. In accordance with Norman's request, KosherEye has donated the assorted goodies in Norman’s name, to Atlanta’s Kosher Food Bank, a community project of Atlanta Jewish Family & Career Services.

Mazel Tov/Congratulations/Good on Ya, Mate! to Norman Kabak, a KosherEye "Forever" Friend and our Ms. Traifie KosherEye's name winner!


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