Van Gogh Vodka


What do vodka and art have in common? Both Van Gogh vodka and Vincent Van Gogh's art are to be appreciated and slowly savored. Both were born in Holland. And, as noted by the company, "Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh was famous for his emotional honesty, use of bold colors and for pioneering the post-impressionist movement. Van Gogh Vodka celebrates its namesake with beautiful, artist-inspired packaging and innovative flavors with vibrant, true-to-life tastes."

Van Gogh Vodka was founded in Holland in 1999 by David Van de Velde. Its distillery is still located in Schiedam, Holland, and lead by 2nd generation master distiller Tim Vos. The company currently produces 22 different hand-crafted flavored vodkas-one of the largest selections of any brand. Van Gogh Vodka is crafted using only the finest fruit, grains and purified water. The grain alcohol goes through a multiple distillation process followed by an all-natural double infusion flavoring process. The company has won numerous awards and accolades. Best of all for the kosher consumer, some of Van Gogh's flavors are now OU Kosher certified.

How delighted we were to discover that several flavors of Van Gogh vodka are now OU kosher certified. Lucky KosherEye! We have had a chance in the past few weeks to taste some of these newly kosher certified flavors, and it is our pleasure to share some of our favorites with you... yes, we are still sipping, so come on over, "y'all"!


Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka
This is the Van Gogh signature flavor. It was launched in 2005, and the one that we have been coveting for years. And yes, it is just as we imagined.... bold and rich, perfect for coffee lovers like us. What a beautiful finale to dinner. It can be simply enjoyed over ice in a chilled martini glass. Or for a lovely finish to a dairy meal, top it with a splash of heavy cream, or after a meat meal, try a splash of coconut milk. By the way, the espresso martini was actually created in the 1980s in London, and has become a vodka classic.


Van Gogh Blue Triple Wheat Vodka
Van Gogh Blue Triple Wheat Vodka offers subtle, mild, neutral flavors and is considered to be a well-balanced spirit. This vodka was awarded 93 points by a tasting panel; 4 stars by and grade A by Quite a pedigree! We tried this vodka as the main ingredient in one of our favorite pre-dinner cocktails, the Cosmo, and enjoyed the smooth and soft result.



Cool Peach Vodka
A delicious combination of ripe, juicy peach complemented by a hit of mint and almonds. Definitely a spring-summer "must have" spirit. Food and Beverage World calls this spirit "Magnificent!". We tried this one in a peach Bellini- so refreshing.

As of press time—the kosher flavors are:
Acai Blueberry, Vodka Blue. Espresso, Double Espresso, Raspberry, Rich Dark Chocolate, Classic, Dutch Chocolate, Black Cherry, Cool Peach.
Be sure to look for the OU on the label
For more information and cocktail recipes-- visit:

Attention, Van Gogh: KosherEye is awaiting vanilla! Is it in the kosher vodka pipeline?

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