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Puff pastry is delicate and complex, simply NOT something that you want to make yourself. Yes, we love to create all types of baked goods and yeast doughs, but not puff pastry dough. Even expert baking professionals prefer to buy ready made puff pastry. And Dufour is their brand of choice. It is simply the best that we have ever tasted. Dufour is made with pure butter and can be used in sweet or savory dishes, perfect for appetizers and desserts. After constantly hearing accolades about this award-winning line, we were delighted that Dufour became Kof-K kosher certified in 2014. From founder and CEO Judi Arnold:  "We are extremely happy to respond to the many requests we've received for kosher certification. All of our pastry ingredients have passed KOF-K's requirements, and we continue to produce the exact same high quality products that have earned us our reputation as "the chef's secret source." By the way, KosherEye was one of those voices!

We were not disappointed. It was everything we expected buttery, flaky, rich, and so easy to work with. It can now be found in specialty supermarkets, gourmet shops, natural food stores and catalogues nationwide. Dufourpastrykitchens.com

Try these recipes... We tested and tasted each. Coming soon – our creation with Dufour chocolate puff pastry dough. We are also working on a new rugelach recipe.

Easy Sticky Buns
Tuna Pot Pie in a Puff Pastry Crust




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