Experience Piccolino Food, Ambiance, and Hospitality in Jerusalem

Piccolino exceeded our expectations in taste, presentation and service. There were smiles all around when we entered, and friendly, efficient, accommodating service through the superb dinner. And what a dinner it was!

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Smoked Salmon lox

We were delighted to be hosted by Piccolino owner Nava Bibi along with her family. Nava is a legend in Israel’s professional food community. Her experience spans 30 years in the hotel business, including managing the King David Hotel, and then creating a popular restaurant in the Ticho house, hotel and museum. When the hotel announced its closing, she relocated the restaurant to a historical neighborhood near Zion Square. Her vision for Piccolino was to present simple authentic Italian food, served indoors, in a lovely dining room, and also outdoors in a spacious courtyard. Each day at lunch and dinner, musicians playing live soft music add to the courtyard ambiance.

Gnocchi MobileWe discovered that the name Piccolino comes from an Italian song titled “Poppa Piccolino”, which is about a poor, but happy Italian street musician who sang and played his concertina throughout Italy. All loved him. Nava chose the name because the restaurant’s mission is to combine food and joy. Nava says: “When we established Piccolino, we had in mind a warm Jerusalem atmosphere, family-oriented with generous, joyful and courteous service. In our opinion, she has achieved her dream. Our dinner at Piccolino was one of our best meals, ever!

For those who would like to eat along virtually with us we present the mouthwatering menu. (Or even better, visit the restaurant!)

The menu was prepared by talented Chef Avdiel Moshe. His emphasis on fresh ingredients was evident. The menu included: Gravlax; Focaccia with roasted pepper and goat cheese; Seared Tuna tartare on a bed of green bean and vegetable salad with an olive oil lemon dressing; Focaccia with cheese and peppers; Homemade Gnocchi, Arancini - Risotto rice balls with mushroom and mascarpone filling;

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Fresh fillet of drumfish; and my favorite-Artichoke ravioli served with a sauce of olive oil, garlic, herbs and artichokes a alla romano.

Dessert was an assortment of the restaurant’s specialties including lotus cake and tiramisu. Fabulous!
The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and accommodates private parties. Mehadrin kosher certification.


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