Little Debbie is now OU Kosher!

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YAY! Little Debbie is now OU Kosher!

KosherEye is delighted to give a special welcome to the newly OU kosher certified Little Debbie’s Snacks.

A Little History about the brand from the brand:
The Little Debbie story began during the great depression when young entrepreneur O.D. McKee began selling 5 cent snack cakes from the back of his car. He was just out of college and newly married, and eager to get into the baking business. Soon after, he and his wife, Ruth, bought a small, failing bakery, using the family car as collateral. Money was so tight that they had to put up a sheet near the back of the bakery for the family's living quarters. Despite several years of struggle, in 1960 O.D. and Ruth began selling the first family pack of baked goods, naming them after their granddaughter, Debbie. The bakery continued to grow but remained a family bakery. O.D. and Ruth’s sons, Ellsworth and Jack, eventually took over, and they are now introducing the 4th generation of the McKee family to the business.

The legacy of McKee Foods continues, as an example of two young people working diligently and passionately to fulfill their dream, an American dream! It is with great pleasure that the kosher consumer can now enjoy this treat!

Who is the girl on the box of Little Debbie?
Debbie McKee-Fowler is the original inspiration for the logo and is currently the Executive Vice President of McKee Foods, the company created by her grandfather. What aresome of the new treats that we can now taste? The most popular products are:
 LD Oatmeal creme Pies LD Chocolate Cupcakes
 LD Swiss Rolls
The most  popular products are Oatmeal Crème Pies, Swiss Rolls, Nutty Bars and Chocolate Cup Cakes, but there on many more!
Little Debbie brand is the #1 snack cake brand in the U.S. Be sure and look for the OU label on each box. One word of caution: In moderations please, no matter how delicious! KosherEye can’t wait for the tasting. The labeling is changing as we write!
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