10 Kosher Wines We Recommend for Yom Tov, and one more that Everyone Must Have!

champagne texted yom tov

We believe that a lovely glass of wine complements a meal. In the past 20 years, the kosher consumer has been given a gift. Because of the vision and acumen of David Herzog and his family, the Royal Wine Company has expanded the availability of kosher wine choices beyond anything we could have imagined. Vineyards providing fine kosher wines are flourishing worldwide, and especially in Israel. Kosher wines have been elevated to a new level, and they are on par with mainstream vintages.

Because of the vast array of choices, selecting kosher wine now takes some expertise based on taste, budget and preference. With the help of Kedem wine expert Gabriel Geller, we suggest the following choices to enhance your New Year holiday celebrations. Some are in the splurge category, some moderately priced and are values. Please note that all prices are approximate.

Chateau Soutard Grand Cru Classé 2014 $109
From the Bordeaux region of France. This exceptional full bodied, red blend, combines notes of dark red fruit, black plum and more. To use on Yom Tov, decant and let aerate for a few hours prior to enjoying. Goes well with poultry and meat. (non-mevushal)

Herzog Special Reserve Cabernet 2015 $35
Harvested in Northern California
Lake County in a unique terroir with red volcanic soil, dry climate, high elevation. Fruity, velvety tannins. Goes well with grilled meats, steak, roasts, duck. (mevushal)

Carmel Mediterranean Blend Shamron Dry Red Wine 2016 $11
A Mediterranean blend of 5 red grapes from The Galilee. A light, fruity but full-bodied wine. Did you know that Carmel is a historic Israeli wine producer founded in 1882, and is the largest producer in Israel. Drink now. (mevushal)

Psagot Viognier 2016 $19
From grapes harvested at Moshav Mata in the Judean Mountains. Deep rich floral aromas of anise, apricot, honey and lemon. A light white wine to pair with fish and pastas. (non-mevushal)

Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha’abib 2015 Capcanes $54
Robert Parker the renown wine critic said that the 2000 vintage of this wine was one of the best kosher wines he had ever tasted. It is a full-bodied dark red, and can be enjoyed now, or has ageing potential Pairs well with meats, stews and hearty poultry recipes. (non-mevushal)

Champagne Drappier Carte Blanche Brut $49
Since 1808, Champagne Drappier has been a family owned house based in Côte des Bar in the Aube region of Champagne. Michel Drappier is the seventh generation Drappier to run this property The Champagne is a blend made from the first pressing. It is elegant and light, and pairs well with fish and poultry. . We particularly love this champagne for a New Year’s toast at the Rosh Hashanah table surrounded by family and friends. (mevushal)

Jezreel Rosé 2016 - Dry Rosé Wine $20
From Israel--A lovely, light and refreshing rose with fruity aromas. This blush goes well with poultry, pasta and fish. (non-mevushal)

Herzog Selection Chateneuf Bordeaux and it’s $13 per bottle
This is one of our favorite white wines at any price– a light, semi-sweet fruity wine. We pair it with poultry, pasta, fish and light appetizers. (mevushal)

Herzog Late Harvest Orange Muscat 2015 $19
These grapes are grown in the California sun and harvested at peak ripeness. The wine has a delightful sweet, fruity taste with an aromatic orange finish. Smooth and full bodied – some call it a “fruit salad” of a wine, this makes a lovely dessert wine, and pairs well with cheese and crackers. (mevushal)

Chen(In) white wine is $8-$9
This is a Chenin Blanc, dry white from California. . It is fruity and light. We serve it chilled with poultry, dairy dishes and appetizers. What an amazing value! (mevushal)

And then, the most popular kosher wine in America – is actually from Italy. Bartenura Moscato, or as thousands have nicknamed it “@Bartenura Blue” and “Out of the Blue”.  We at KosherEye prefer our dry reds and whites, but so many friends and family love their semi-sweet Blue. The pleasing taste of pear, tangerine, nectar and melon goes well with appetizers, poultry and dessert. However, according to its devoted fans, which is most everyone we know, and many in the hip hop world, Blue is perfect anytime with anything. $12 -$15. (mevushal)


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