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  Knives for The Cutting Edge Kitchen

We have written about Wüsthof previously, but are updating our feature and sharing information about some of their newest cutting edge tools. For us, it’s all about kitchen efficiency when cooking and baking. We’re always in the kitchen, (when we’re not at the supermarket), so using the correct equipment is essential. Recently, we had the opportunity to try some new knives from the Wüsthof collection, and we wanted to share our findings about some favorites. Like an artist needs a fine paintbrush, like a musician needs a fine instrument, a cook needs fine cooking tools!  

Vegeable Slicer Mobile
The Wüsthof 8” Vegetable Knife
Have you ever noticed that when cutting vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, squash, apples or cabbage that the food sticks to the knife and you have to push it off or shake it off? The Wüsthof Classic Ridge Vegetable Knife offers a solution. It is an all-around kitchen knife designed for general slicing and chopping, but it also works particularly well on fresh produce and meats.
The unique blade features holes near the cutting edge to reduce the friction while cutting into foods, such as potatoes. The ridge on one side of the blade helps push food off the blade while slicing. The blade angle and tapered cutting edge reduce the drag when slicing through foods. Each knife blade is completely buffed and polished by hand., and has a lifetime warranty. Watch Chef Mike use the knife:

 VegSlicer video play

 You can purchase a Wüsthof 8” Vegetable Knife by clicking Here!

Wüsthof slicer Mobile
Wüsthof 10” Super Slicer
This is a CLASSIC full-tang knife, precision-forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel. CLASSIC knives feature a handle design made of a highly durable synthetic material –which resists fading and discoloration. The 10" Super Slicer features a long slender blade with a rounded tip. The blade is longer than many other knives so that it can slice across large roasts in one swift movement. It is comfortable to hold, and has a sharp scalloped type edge, which cuts though meat. It easily slices through turkey and roasts, bread without compressing it and even tomatoes without squashing them. We used ours to slice brisket, rib roast and corned beef. Excellent! Or should we say, SUPER!  
Chef Mike demonstrates how to use a Super Slicer:
  Super Slicer Video

You can purchase a  Wüsthof 10” Super Slicer by clicking here!


4.5 inch Asian Mobile R CR
Wüsthof  4 1/2" Asian Utility Knife
This knife is also part of WÜSTHOF’S best-selling CLASSIC collection
The CLASSIC 4.5-inch Asian Utility Knife features a uniquely curved straight edge blade, which allows it to be used as a mini cook’s knife as well as a paring knife. It is a good size and shape for countless everyday food prep tasks. We use it daily for simple cutting, slicing and dicing, and consider it an all around winner because of its size and versatility. Enjoy this video (click here) on how to make a tomato rose with the Asian Utility knife. 
Purchase your Wüsthof Asian Utility 4 ½” knife by clicking HERE!

Wüsthof knives are crafted in Solingen, Germany; a family-owned and managed company with a rich heritage since 1814. Each Wüsthof knife collection is made of high quality materials and craftsmanship. Precision forged featuring a full tang, high-carbon stainless steel with bolster to add balance and weight. The new Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) enhances the blades sharpness by 20%, and will last twice as long. Each knife features a computer controlled cutting edge to ensure the final edge of the blade is precise and uniform from the tip to the heel of the knife. Wusthof knives have a lifetime warranty. For more information on cutting implements and knife skills visit  

And one more essential tool that makes the cut:

Wüsthof come apart shears Mobile RR
Wüsthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears
We think that all-purpose shears are a must in the kitchen, and this set is efficient, sharp and affordable. We use our shears for many kitchen snipping tasks like cutting up salads, vegetables and dried fruits, sizing parchment for baking, trimming pastry and opening packages, plastic bags and some plastic containers. We reach for them several times daily! These durable stainless-steel shears come apart for easy cleaning and sharpening. And, a bonus- the easy to grip handle has a built-in bottle or jar lid opener.  Lifetime Warranty, made in China.
Purchase your Wüsthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears by clicking HERE!

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