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Just For All! - Made with Plants

According to J U S T, there are 300,000+ species of plants all around the world that have never been explored for how they can make our food better. To address this challenge, J U S T has assembled a group including computational biologists, food engineers, and chefs to work on the issue. The team is impressive; bringing with them experience from some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world. The mission, which started 5 years ago, is to develop a “fair, honest, and just food system in every community… healthier, sustainable, affordable and delicious.

The company, which was formerly known as Hampton Creek, started with J U S T mayo, and it now produces flavored mayo, spreads, dressings, cookie dough and a new product called Just Egg.  It is made with mung bean and it cooks like an egg. Joshua Tetrick, the visionary founder and chief executive officer, said that he started his food business without knowing much about food nor about business. 

KosherEye was “nudged” by readers to try J U S T products, and we are so glad we did. We sampled several flavors of mayo and salad dressings. We used the products in salads, on bread, as pizza topping, in dips and sauces. All we can say is WOW!  And, It all started with simple mayonnaise. In our opinion J U S T is just fabulous. It is delicious, convenient, and kosher certified OU parve. Need we say more?.

just egg 12oz tag updatedcap CustomNo, we haven’t yet sampled the new J U S T Egg, a scrambled egg substitute, but as soon as we find it, we’ll try it and share our thoughts.

Below is our JUST Faves list.  if you try these products, tell us what you think - or send us a photo of your creation!

Chipotle Mayo This is both smoky and spicy, with a chili kick. Brings guacamole and chicken salad up a notch. Also, delicious as a spread on tacos.

Garlic Mayo
Tangy, mellow garlic mayo with a hint of lemon. Love this on our faux seafood salad and our new recipe- pastrami pizza!)

Truffle Mayo
Earthy and fragrant. Mayo made with real white truffles. Use it as a dip for roasted or fried potatoes. Yumm!

Awesome Sauce
Just like tartar sauce, but with a deeper flavor.made with lots of it capers and dill pickle relish. Terrific as a topping with sautéed or baked fish.

Ranch Dressing
Creamy and tangy, with a hint of onion. We tried it in our back at the ranch pasta salad and as a dip for our fried pickles. or try Chipotle Ranch –Ranch dressing with a smoky kick.

Thousand Island Dressing
Tangy and sweet as a sauce with beef burgers, veggie burgers and of course with salads

Caesar Dressing– Tastes just like a homemade Caesar dressing when we toss it with romaine and croutons.

Sweet Mustard Dressing— This makes a perfect pretzel dip; or for a yummy roasted salmon combine some sweet mustard dressing with honey, and slather it  on a ready to roast salmon filet.  Top it with some packaged fried onions and roast. 

For more information, visit justforall.com.
Among other locations, Just products can be found at Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger and on Amazon.com.


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