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Owner/Manager Julien Bohbot takes great pride in offering French cuisine that is kosher certified, and when possible, local and organic.  Julien was born in Morocco, studied in Paris, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1980.  Once in the U.S., he dabbled in food but focused on real estate to make his living; he sold VIP properties to Madonna, Joan Rivers, Angela Lansbury, and yes, he even marketed and sold the house of the infamous Menendez brothers. But, food was his calling and the kitchen his passion!

Julien gained experience in the famed restaurant L’Orangerie as a sommelier and manager. After his marriage 25 years ago, he became kosher. The successful Delice bakery began eight years ago and then, just next door, The Bistro was opened in 2008.

Julien works hard. He is at the Delice Bakery at 5:30 am most days supervising the preparation of freshly made croissants, French pastries and sandwiches —both dairy and parve—and then at the bistro in the evenings. His goal is to serve the best of everything!  

replica eiffel1The décor is unique and quite French, including the pièce de résistance,  a full scale Eiffel Tower dominating the center of the restaurant, reaching up to a blue cloud-filled Parisian “sky” ceiling.  According to Julien, there are only 3 detailed Tower replicas like this in the world – in Paris, Las Vegas and in Delice Bistro!

Some of the restaurant’s most popular specialties include Bouillabaisse, Duckling, Sea Bass, and Kobe steak.

Oui! Oui! Our meal was très bonne! We started with a platter of appetizers of roasted peppers, carrots, beets; then came a Beef Carpaccio salad – paper-thin sliced beef filet drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, a twist of pepper on a bed of arugula.

And then:
• Crab cakes - a mixture of faux crabmeat and cod, served with homemade tartar sauce on a bed of green salad.

• Blackened Chilean sea bass – served over haricot vertes, caramelized endive and topped with a lemon caper mushroom sauce.

beef_carpaccio72 4x3dpi• Duck Magret with black fig sauce – Simply divine! tender and sweet.

And the dessert: Voila! A bittersweet flourless warm molten chocolate cake with almonds, whipped cream and ice cream.

The house wine is exceptional; a Terroso 2008 Chilean cabernet sauvignon.

A word about the Delice French Bakery:  How we love real dairy pastries! We flew home with both cheese and almond Danish on ice. What a treat to have a true dairy pastry for breakfast after a jet lag inducing, red-eye flight.  Dairy “French style” pastries are a treat we do not yet have in Atlanta!  Delice Bistro caters and prepares Shabbos meals and holiday feasts. Bon Appetit!

Delice Bistro and Delice Bakery
8581 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 289-1702

Kosher certification: Kehilla kosher of Los Angeles

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