Mealthy MultiPot

     Mealthy 2.0 Multi sized                                 crisp lid Mealthy sized

Another kitchen appliance star is born...the Mealthy MultiPot. Although it was not the first of the wildly popular sector of  electric pressure cookers,  it has gained respect and popularity as a a state of the art functional, efficient  innovative and stylish  option. Mealthy identifies as a disrupter - a company which encourages healthy cooking and alters the way people eat and cook. With a combination of resources including food videos, recipes, and an  amazing app, we tend to agree. We have recently worked with the Mealthy MultiPot .The technique and option of pressure cooking has evolved into a cooking essential, due to advances in technology and our face paced world.  

Our 6 quart Mealthy Multi-pot arrived with lots of accessories including silicon mitts,  an extra silicone ring, a footed metal trivet, a steamer basket, a rice paddle, and a rice measuring cup.have some experience with pressure cookers, so using our new Mealthy was not intimidating, and we found it basically intuitive. The accompanying guidebook is well written and easy to follow.
The appliance is programmed with preset functions for various purposes and preparations. Additionally it has an easy to read LCD screen and clearly marked usage buttons. It can steam, pressure cook, slow cook, warm, sauté, "bake", and even pasteurize. And, OOPS, if we choose the wrong setting,  we know that we can press the cancel button at any time.
Even the lid has been well thought plays a little tune to let the user know it is in place and secure, and another tune when removing.

Try our recipes for:
Matbucha in the Mealthy MultiPot
Peachy Crisp in the Mealthy MultiPot 
Perfectly Poached Salmon in the Mealthy MultiPot  

But wait! Whaaaat???? Mealthy has just introduced an innovative, one of a kind, CrispLid . We are intrigued! We understand that the lid can dehydrate fruits and vegetables, and convert any pressure cooker to a broiler or air fryer. It features 5 dehydrate settings and a deep basket! The CrispLid allows the user to broil, crisp, air fry, and dehydrate directly in the stainless steel pot of an electric pressure cooker. It is compatible with most  6 and 8 quart electric pressure cookers;. We can't wait to try it.

Believe it or not, due to a Covid-19 delay in OUR post, we are now one generation behind Mealthy's innovations, because the  new  Mealthy Multi-Pot 2.0 has  been introduced.  The new model is a 6-quart electric pressure cooker with  updated features including   a self-sealing lid, hands-free & programmable automatic pressure release, true slow cook  and, 33 chef-approved preset cooking programs. The control panel has been redesigned as has a very bright  LCD screen.  
Click here for more information or to purchase the NEW Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 
Click here for more information or to purchase the CrispLid
Click here for more information or to purchase the Mealthy MultiPot, the model we used for our testing




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