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I want you to close your eye and picture the scene. You and your friends are gathered around a table at a beachside restaurant for a summer lunch. The aroma of fresh seafood grilling on top of a mesquite charcoal BBQ flows through your nostrils. The ambiance is nothing short of vintage beach vibes accompanied by the warm sun hugging your sleeveless skin. Now, what if I told you that as you open your eyes, you are really in Lakewood, NJ, on route 9.

We recently visited the Fish Grill on our way home from a trip to Lakewood, NJ, and were taken by surprise. The Fish Grill in Lakewood is owned by the same owner from the Fish Grill in Los Angeles. I could have guessed it was the same owner because the flavors and recipes were consistent throughout.

I spent some time working in Los Angeles and frequently visited the Fish Grill there. The food was always fresh, consistent, and delicious. My personal favorite dish is their fried fish sandwich smothered in their homemade tartar sauce. It is a unique spot with authentic seafood recipes, thriving in a vibrant LA kosher food scene.

Back to Lakewood. Our favorite aspect of the meal was the attention to detail. Kannaback potatoes for the fries, Mesquite Charcoal flavor on all their fish, and their unique selection of the Atlantic Pollack (Red Snapper) fish which is a rare selection of fish for kosher restaurant menus.

I did not think I would recommend traveling to Lakewood to enjoy summer beach vibes during the winter, but here I am. I implore you to check it out. You will not be let down.



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