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When in LA  a few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Leah Adler (Z''l)  at The Milky Way, her kosher, dairy restaurant on Pico Boulevard in the center of “kosher” Beverly Hills. Aside from enjoying Leah’s delicious dairy dishes, including her famous blintzes, why was this visit special? It was her welcoming greeting, her non–ending smile, and her extreme pride when she speaks of her famous son, none other than director/producer Steven Spielberg. At that time Leah, who was then 96, still worked six full days weekly, making restaurant customers feel like special guests, or should I say newly found friends! By the way, framed posters of Steven’s acclaimed films hung on the back walls of the restaurant. Leah shared several of her recipes with KosherEye.
Sadly, Leah passed away at 97 in February, 2017.  In addition to creating the reknown kosher restaurant, she was a concert pianist and an artist. She was certainly an inspiration to her family.

These are the recipes that Leah shared with KosherEye.
Best Dairy Blintzes
New England Style Kosher "Clam" Chowder 
Pistachio Pasta

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