Peter Swerdlow

Griller's Pride, Glatt Kosher Meat and Poultry

Griller's Pride produces a full line of Glatt Kosher meat and poultry and the company is an example of what hard work and determination can accomplish. Peter Swerdlow arrived in the United States from Johannesburg, South Africa in 1996; owning and operating a kosher meat company was not part of the reason for this trans-oceanic move. The loss of employment, a sausage-making attachment for his Kitchen-Aid mixer and a fantastic recipe for making Boerewors – the South African hot dog– were the impetus behind the start of Griller's Pride.

KosherEye loves the Boerewors produced by Griller's Pride and can attest to the high quality of products sold by this company. Please read excerpts from our conversation with Peter Swerdlow

Please share some background information regarding you and the formation of your company, Griller's Pride.

Having been laid off from my job as a computer manufacturing consultant during the height of the crash, I actually started Griller’s Pride in 2002 producing a single product – Authentic South African grilling sausages know as Boerewors, more affection ally known as “Boeries”. For the first 18 months,  I rented time at various kosher catering kitchens producing the sausages together with a mashgiach every Sunday. During the week I would call prospective customers and then deliver their orders during the evenings. In order to grow the business, I took over a small premises in Doraville and established a full-line butchery. Today we carry the most comprehensive range of Glatt Kosher Beef, Lamb, Veal and Poultry throughout the Southeast.

Where do you source your beef?

We source our beef from suppliers offering the very best quality beef, lamb and veal throughout the USA – including, in the case of beef, Midwest Black Angus herds.

What are your favorite cuts of beef?

My favorite cut of beef is the French Roast and the Strip Steak (cut from the French Roast). My favorite product that we produce is the Hot Italian Sausage, seconded by our KosherBoeries and followed very closely by our new KosherBratz (Bratwurst).

What are your thoughts on rare, medium-rare, meat?

This is a personal preference but I always prefer beef medium-rare. I do not like rare meat because it tends to be luke-warm, and I love eating meat sizzling hot. I prefer veal a little more done but certainly not well-done. Lamb on the other hand should be cooked medium-to-well done so that it is really crispy and so that the fat renders properly.

What effect does the type of feed have on the meat?

Meat in the USA is generally grass fed and thereafter “finished off” by grain feeding. Certainly, the American palate is more accustomed to this. In some other countries, typically South America, beef is typically grass fed throughout the course of breeding. This typically results in a tougher and more grizzly meat but some people prefer it that way.

In your opinion, what country produces the best beef?

As far as I am concerned, and I have experienced beef from 3 different continents, the United States mid-west Black Angus takes the prize.

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