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Norene Gilletz is a culinary icon in both Canada and the U.S.

She grew up in Winnipeg, raised her family in Montreal, and now resides in Toronto, Canada. She is a mother of three and has two granddaughters and three grandsons.

So what does she do with her spare time? There is none! Norene is a food consultant, food writer and columnist, cooking teacher and lecturer. She specializes in recipe makeovers for food–related websites, magazines, newspapers, cookbooks and the food service industry. She is also a culinary spokesperson, a leading author, speaker, recipe developer, and owner of her company Gourmania Inc. Whew! Amazing!

As a cookbook author, she has written eight books and just published her latest, Norene's Healthy Kitchen. KosherEye has a collection of Norene’s cookbooks in our culinary library and have been using them for years.

Norene’s interest in cooking all started at the age of three, when she enjoyed watching both her mother and grandmother prepare dough for strudel and knishes. And, then at age 10 she made her own brownies, but – OOPS!– forgot the eggs. As she explains, "it was her very first venture into recipe development." After that she never looked back.

Norene was the editor of B’nai Brith Women’s popular publication Second Helpings, Please!, a three-year project. This achievement motivated her to immerse herself in cooking and cookbooks. To this day, she shares her talents supporting many culinary benefits for worthy organizations. Raising Tzedekah is very important to her.

In 1980, Norene opened a cooking school in Montreal and began to take classes with famed chefs such as Jacques Pepin. Norene says, “Food is a never ending adventure”, and owns a growing library of 1,500 cookbooks (Gee Norene, we never counted ours but we think Norene wins!) She says, "I read them for inspiration, information and pleasure. But when I do decide to cook, I don't bother opening up a cookbook (unless it's one that I've written)! I just open the pantry door and the refrigerator, cooking with the ingredients I have on hand, according to my mood. I cook until I run out of ingredients, time or energy, whichever comes first!"

Two popular questions, often asked of leading chefs were asked of Norene:

What do you cook at home?
“For everyday meals at home, I usually cook chicken, pasta or fish of some kind. I love salmon and sea bass!”

Which gadgets/appliances are your favorites?
“I love my food processor and microwave oven. "Machine cuisine" has inspired me to write a book on each of these appliances; they're such terrific time- savers! I'm always using my Good Grips potato peeler and Zyliss garlic press  I adore all kinds of spatulas. (I have rubber and metal ones in various sizes and shapes.).”

norenebkcover-1Norene’s newest book, Norene's Healthy Kitchen published by Whitecap, is simply written, easy to follow and packed with 600 “fast & fabulous” recipes. This book is a “must have” for every basic cookbook collection, when the emphasis is long term healthy eating. Norene's passion for nutritious cooking shows –  there are culinary and nutrition tips, along with 600 easy to prepare, non-dairy, meat-free options perfect for anyone, especially those focused on kosher, vegetarian and wellness.

KosherEye is delighted that Norene, our KosherEye celebrity chef, has graciously developed a Rosh Hashanah menu for KosherEye readers.We present both the spectacular menu and the recipes, along with Norene’s wishes that you enjoy a delicious and healthful New Year. Please let us know if you try these and how your lucky guests raved! 

Rosh Hashanah Menu

Nancy Gordon's Split Pea Soup from Norene's Healthy Helpings
Bulgar with Almonds and Raisins (includes a nut-free version) from Norene’s Healthy Kitchen
Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes from Norene’s Healthy Kitchen 
Mighty Good Meatballs from Norene's Healthy Kitchen
Chicken Marvelosa
Family Apple Cake from The NEW Food Processor Bible:30th Anniversary Edition (due in November 2010)

Visit Norene’s website for additional recipes.

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