Chef Shaya Klechevsky - Re-Visited!

shayaWe welcome back Chef Shaya Klechevsky, our very first featured spotlight guest. Chef Shaya has had a successful year...

He has expanded his company, At Your Palate, and now has three new chefs on his team, “one of which is a raw vegan, or no-cook vegan chef who does some really inspiring work.”

Chef Shaya  was recently invited to do a Kosher demonstration for students and alumni of New York’s French Culinary Institute. He presented a brief lecture on the basics of the laws of kashruth and then a demo  "kosher conversion" on a pork chop/green peppercorn cream sauce recipe. He converted it to a roasted veal chop with a green peppercorn faux "cream sauce".

How did he do it? He  substituted veal for the pork, Earth Balance margarine for the butter and created his own parve soy cream by combining half a block of extra firm tofu with a half cup of parve soy milk.  He blended it on high until it completely emulsified and reached a nice rich texture. It was a huge hit and everyone felt that the kosher recipe tasted almost exactly like the original.

Chef Shaya continues to enjoy holding classes at both the JCC in Manhattan and in the Greater Five Towns.

In addition to his "kosher conversion" veal chop recipe, Chef Shaya Klechevsky has developed two special entrée recipes for KosherEye readers − New Years Brisket and  Mustard-Crusted Roasted Chicken. Start the meal with his recipe for Chicken Live Paté – this is not your Grandmother's chopped chicken liver! KosherEye has created a New Year Shabbos dinner menu (recipes included) to complement his extraordinary creations.

KosherEye's New Year Shabbos Dinner Menu
Featuring Entrées by Chef Shaya Klechevsky

Crab Cakesor– Chicken Liver Paté
Caesar Salad
Carrot Dill Soup

New Years Brisket
Mustard-Crusted Roasted Chicken
Côte de Veau, Sauce au Poivre
  (Sautéed Center-cut Veal Chop with a Green Peppercorn Sauce)

Celery Root, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes  – or –  Quinoa Pilaf
Sautéed Greens

Flourless Chocolate Cakeor –  Crème de Menthe Pie

Wine Suggestions:
Sparkling Wine:
Hagafen Napa Valley Brute Cuvee,  2007:  For a taste of the "bubbly", this wine presents aromas of citrus, red fruits and white chocolate with hints of melon, tea, and toast. The finish is long and satisfying, a classic example of excellent New World Sparkling Wine.

Red Wines:
Hagafen, Prix Pinot Noir, Fagan Creek, 2006: This wine has plenty of black forest fruit on a smoky nose with notes of espresso, cloves, anise and vanilla leading into a long and caressing finish that lingers.

Goose Bay, Pinot Noir, 2009: Low tannins, lots of bright fruit which includes strawberries, blackberries and raspberries along with a nice touch of spiciness make this an easy drinking and good pairing wine.  On the lighter side of wines.

White Wines:
Recanati, Chardonnay, 2009: An elegant old-world Chardonnay, with crispy minerals and high acidity but less butter and oak than one would expect from an Israeli Chardonnay.  Plenty of green apples and limes with hints of spicy wood all lead into a medium finish.

Dalton Reserve, Viognier, 2009: Fermented with natural occurring yeasts, this wine is medium bodied with characteristically true peach and apricot flavors on the delightful nose.  Blooming flowers, honey and green apples combine to make this a delicious wine that is rounded out by a long luxurious finish.

Please read our original feature –  Chef Shaya Klechevsky, Healthy, Kosher, Gourmet!  Visit Chef Shaya at his website, At Your Palate.

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