The KosherEye 2011 Wish List


Kosher Pop-Up Restaurants and Food Trucks. The economy created an abundance of empty restaurants and chefs with no kitchens. A current trend throughout America is that  temporary, impromptu  food places are popping up and customers are finding them via Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth. Many pop-ups are now even being reviewed by media food critics!  KosherEye dreams of kosher pop-up restaurants.  We envision chefs traveling across America and creating pop-up kosher restaurants in vacant spaces throughout the U.S.

We would like to see kosher food options expand throughout the country. Food trucks have come of age in 2010. We wish these trucks would multiply and span out across the country bringing kosher foods to small communities.

Kosher Certification Agencies. Please oh please, answer your phones, return calls, and keep your websites up to date and searchable!  We would like additional transparency – more standardization in kashrut supervision, more disclosure why a particular kashrut agency is not on an “approved” symbols  list.   And, why not publish a list products that are parve made on dairy equipment. Many kosher shoppers would appreciate this!

Kosher Poultry Sellers. Invest in more labor to pluck those feathers. Take a field trip to Canada and see what’s possible.

Warehouse Stores and Supermarkets. Take real kosher cooks with you on your buying trips. How can a non-kosher-keeping buyer make the correct purchasing decisions for the kosher consumer? And, please be aware that Schav and Borscht are not everyday staples in most contemporary kosher home kitchens. Hamantashen are mainly for Purim!

Secondly, so many small vendors have exciting, new kosher products. However, we hear time and time again that they cannot “get onto grocery shelves”.  Do consider setting up a “new product area” (Trader Joe’s has this.)  Let the consumer decide if they want, need, like or will buy the product, not the local distributer.

Third – Be aware of the community your stores service and which kosher marks are acceptable to most.

Lettuce Companies. Why are there still insects are your triple washed products?

Kosher Certified Companies. Thank you for going kosher! Now we do know that you pay for that kosher mark. Please print the certification symbol  on the front of the package, large enough for us to see it.

Cruise Lines. Do you realize that the kosher consumer wants to cruise, and cruise often. But how many days can we eat the same six varieties of TV dinners? If you must, just charge us a bit extra (although we can’t really substantiate it) and provide prepackaged meals in better quality and wider variety. And yes, please include breakfast − it is one of those meals we like to eat. And, one more thing; we enjoy matzoh mostly at Passover.

Airlines. Please make certain that your crackers, cookies and pretzels are kosher certified. Especially, when we have three hour waits on the tarmac.

New Products. Our readers’ product wish list includes: kosher certified squeezable tomato paste, anchovy paste, fish sauce, Bailey’s Irish Crème, crepes, artichokes, chilies in adobo sauce.

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