25 Purim Themes, Gifting & Giving

Time for Feasting and Joy


25 Mishloach Manot Ideas:We are providing some clever and creative ideas for mishloach manot basket giving. We hope that these make you smile. Our content suggestions, are just that, suggestions. Be creative! Do share your ideas and photos with us at ContactKosher. We can’t wait to see them.

•  Go Nuts on Purim:  Mixed nuts, Almond liqueur, a bag of nuts, Snickers or candy nut bar, coconut
•  Orange You Glad Purim is Here: An orange, orange tissue paper, orange Sunsweet Jels, orange juice
•  Have a Joyful Purim: Almond joy candy, Joyva halvah 

dippedpretzels•  Have a Twisted Purim! Make mini chocolate dipped pretzel twists, combine with licorice twists. Dipped pretzel recipe (the recipe is for rods, but we suggest using twists). For more fun, also dip the pretzels into candy sprinkles.
•  Have a Happy Purim: Laffy Taffy, assorted fruits with smiley faces drawn on them
•  Have a LoMein-tashen filled Purim:  In Chinese takeout boxes of course!  Bake homemade LoMein-tashen—Purim fortune cookies with special Purim fortunes 
•  Fly High on Purim: Airline meal box:Label says Ahasuerus Airlines – Eat drink and be merry – peanuts, pretzels, cookies, mini bottle liquor such as Cherry Heering 
•  Have a Ball at Purim:  Along with a “dollar store" ball, add foods you would get at a game –  hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks, cotton candy, soda, beer 
•  Have a Poppin good Purim: Inside a popcorn bucket, place bag of popcorn, microwave popcorn, lollipop, popsicle, soda pop, etc.
•  Cast a Winning “lot” on Purim: Lottery ticket, split of champagne, caviar 
•  Have a “Grape” Purim:  Wine, grape juice, grapes, raisins, grape flavored candy 

•  Have a Cherry Purim! Include mini Cherry Heering, cherry candies, dried cherries in the basket
•  Wishing you a Latte fun on Purim! Include mini Coffee Heering, a small gift pack of coffee, coffee creamer, and a frother too –i f in the budget! 
•  Wander no More, It's Purim: Can of beans, a beer, Beef Jerky,and some crackers with peanut butter, all wrapped up in a red-checkered bandana.

•  Wake up, It’s Purim! Coffee, coffee cake, coffee candy. Place all in a  coffee mug or ask Starbucks for bags. Costco sells Via coffee, which would fit nicely into a mug.
•  A Healthy Purim! May you live and be well! Whole wheat Hamentashen, nuts, fruit, (pomegranate, blueberries) dark chocolate, health drink
•  Be happy! Enjoy an Israeli Purim!: Hummus, crackers, olives, tea, biscuits, za'atar. Add and Israeli flag
•  Have a Spicy Purim: Spice tea, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange 

salame-cioccolato_0•  May Purim be a Picnic! Wine, cheese, crackers dark chocolate, checkered napkins, plastic ants in a basket.
–  or
Chocolate salami, graham crackers, plastic ants, napkins and disposable flatware

•  Wishing you a WINNING hand at Purim: Mini bottle of whiskey, pretzels or chips, a lottery ticket, million dollar candy bar, a deck of cards 
•  613 wishes for a Happy Purim:  Pomegranate, pomegranate juice, pomegranate jelly, pomegranate oatmeal or cookies 
•  SANDing You Wishes for a Beachy Purim: In a sand pail, sand, container of sea salt,  salt water taffy, bottled water 
•  An Apple a day brings Purim your way! apple candy, apples,apple juice, apple hamantashen, dried apples, apple cake etc.
•  Hope your Purim is Red Hot:. Black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, bell peppers, pepperoncini, red-hot candy, pepper jelly. Package all in plastic fire hat 

flowercookie•  May your Purim be Blooming Good! Make huge Flower Cookies, Tie in ribboned plastic bag for presentation. Add raisins or chocolate chips to dough

Purim is a time of joy, a time to celebrate the miraculous survival of the Jewish people in the face of a mortal enemy. There are four major Purim Mitzvahs: The giving of Mishloach Manot, gifts to friends and family, Mikra Megillah, hearing the Megillah once by night and once by day, and having a festive meal. We are commanded to give at least two types of ready to eat foods to at least one person. In addition to the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot, gifts to our friends, we are also obligated in Matanot L'Evyonim, gifts to the poor on Purim.
Minimally, this mitzvah requires gifts to two poor people. However, the spirit of generosity on Purim may extend far beyond this minimum.
Gifts to the Poor: At Purim, we encourage our readers to generously support the organizations that give gifts and food to the needy.

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