The 2011 Passover Table Project

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Seder Plates, Hungary's National Jewish Museum

In every generation a person must see himself as if he has himself come out of Mitzrayim (Egypt)

Tradition is very important to each of us. As Passover approaches, we think back with both hearts and minds to the precious tastes, aromas and experiences of Passovers past.

We treasure the memories of the magnificent Seder tables filled with loving family and friends; the Seder plate cracked and aged, passed down to us from our grandmothers; the wine dotted Haggadah, the beet stained wooden bowl used to make chrain (horseradish),  and so much more. These memories are priceless, and we ask you to share them with us.

Please send us digital or scanned photos, of your past Passover keepsakes, your Passover table settings, and your own precious and treasured family heirlooms whether it be a Passover photo with friends and family, a browned handwritten recipe on an index card, or a photo of a matzoh cover—from last year, or last century.  We will publish them–anonymously if you wish–or add your family name, city, and year if available. They can be from any year, any country, very recent or very old, sepia, black and white or color.

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wooden chopping bowl
Chopping bowl
S. family  
H. family, 1980, Lenox Seder Plate
S. family
Tina Wasserman
Burt, Judy, Harvey


L. Cook, creating an heirloom
Elizabeth, age 2, shows us her Matzah Plate









M. Jacobs, 1984 edition Maxwell
House Haggadah
Diamond Salt Box- Gerson family,
circa 1950








Manischewitz Kosher Cookbook
English and Yiddish
Gerson Family, circa 1930
 Yiddish Side








M. Goodman, Atlanta, GA
M. Goodman, Atlanta, GA


passover2011 006
J. Ginsberg, Winnetka, CA  Old Haggadot.– Green, circa 1935; Brown, circa 1921.


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