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Mexican–Jewish Cookbook Recipes


Si Amigos y Amigos – we look forward to the first Mexican Jewish Cookbook, Challa–Peño, A Mother and Daughter in the Mexican Jewish Kitchen. The upcoming book is in the works by mother–daughter team, Alexandra and Susan Schmidt. In her quest to preserve her Mexican–Jewish culinary heritage by writing a cookbook, Alexandra—an NPR reporter, producer and non-cook, happily learning to cook from her experienced mom. Although the family has eastern European roots, Alex’s grandparents all settled in Mexico City, where the flavors of Mexican cooking and Jewish tradition merged.

We love the idea that each recipe in the cookbook will be presented with a sliding spice scale. Spiciness is indicated on a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being lightly spicy and 3 being quite spicy. According to Alex, “These levels take the American palate into consideration. While 1 is considered spicy for many of our American guests, it would be considered “average” or not spicy at all to a Mexican palate.”

As a preview to the book, Alex has shared several recipes. For publication updates, do check back often. We know that you will want to order a copy once Challa–Peño is available. Visit their blog at MexicanJewish.com Succulent Spicy Cauliflower and Chipotle Beef Goulash.

What is the perfect accompaniment to Mexican recipes? A Margarita of course...and such a good Margarita, made with Tequila.  Silver (regular white) Tequila is kosher even without certification. This type of Tequila is made from agave cactus and sugar cane; both Gold and Repasado Tequila must have a hechsher (kosher certification on label). 
And from the California Avocado Commission, along with our signature Margarita, serve some muy bueno avocado recipes. Try this fresh  Guacamole Auténtico dip. So good and, as the recipe name indicates, so authentic!

May 5, 2011

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