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Blog Talk Radio & KosherEye

Blog Talk Radio & KosherEye Our KosherEye and Twitter Friend, Esti of Prime Time Parenting invited us to co-host her Blog Talk Radio/Jewish Shmooz Network show. We had a ball! Our guest was Darren Quinlan, Sales Manager for He'Brew Beer Company. We learned all about beer, which is a great drink to...

One For The Bread and One For The Cook

One For The Bread and One For The Cook Beer that is! KosherEye loves to make Beer Bread, especially for Purim. Enjoy one of our favorite easy bread recipes. We included a beer for the cook!

Creative Jewish Mom Purim

Creative Jewish Mom Our KosherEye friend, Sara Rivka, has some wonderful, creative, easy-to-make ideas for Purim. We loved herplastic purses. They are perfect for Purim presents, and so pleasingly pretty for Purim Parading!

You Read it Here First!!

You Read it Here First!! Our November 30, 2009 feature on the wonders of the Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker — well,Guess What? Chris Kimball, host of "America's Test Kitchen" apparently agrees with us. The Hourglass coffee maker was featured on the Today Show's Cooking School segment, The Best...

2010 Kosher Restaurant & Wine Experience

2010 Kosher Restaurant & Wine Experience Sounds wonderful & wish we were there!Over 200 wines from all over the world, including a special French collection. Dishes prepared by top New York kosher restaurants. Wine seminars. Guest appearance byDaniel Rogov, Israel's renowned wine critic and author...

Honey Mint Spritzer

Honey Mint Spritzer We visited with the Savannah Bee Company during the AmericasMart Gift Show in Atlanta, GA. They wanted to share this "honey of a recipe" with the KosherEye readers. Enjoy a Honey Mint Spritzer— refreshing, rum-less, version of a Mojito!

Kosher Equals Pure

For Some, ‘Kosher’ Equals Pure by Kim Severson, The New York Times Due to detailed ingredient transparency and extra product supervision, kosher certified foods are growing in popularity with all consumers. Read about it at New York Times.

Kahlua Kosher

Kahlua Kosher? Any word on whether Kahlua will be getting their Hashgacha back? Any news for the future? EE Atlanta, GA A very good question regarding an old time favorite! Neither the CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) nor the AKC (Atlanta Kashruth Commission) currently recommend this product and...

December Newsletter Prize Winner

December Newsletter, The Wink, Drawing Prize Winner Congratulationsto our December Newsletter drawing prize winner, David Mitnick of Baltimore Maryland. David has won KosherEye’s very first giveaway, the Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker. "I look forward to receiving The Hourglass… It looks so...

2010 Saveur 100 List

2010 SAVEUR 100 List Guess what is number 82 on the 2010 SAVEUR 100 List? Yes, it is one of your grandmother's favorite ingredients! To view the rest of the list www.saveur.com "Schmaltzmakes everything taste better. That staple of Jewish cooking — rendered chicken fat flavored with a little onion...

Kosher But Crabby Dip

Kosher But Crabby Dip For your party, enjoy the KosherEye signature recipe, Cold Kosher Faux Crab Dip.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur Is Starbucks Coffee Liqueur kosher?MH via koshereye.com email According to CRC: Starbucks OU even without designation on the bottle. White Chocolate is Dairy.

Kosher Caviar

Kosher Caviar Help! I want to serve caviar on New Year's Eve. Can I buy kosher caviar? Is caviar kosher at all?I.P Virginia Most legendary caviar (fish eggs) are froma fish called a sturgeon which isa non-kosher fish. However, do not dismay,kosher caviar is available from kosher fish. When...

Happy, Happy Birthday To Us

Happy, Happy Birthday To Us KosherEye is nearly one month old. We thank our growing list of friends for submitting thoughts, suggestions, questions and information. Will you be featuring products, recipes and tips for ethnic/international cooking?Yes, we have recently been testing and tasting some...

We Just Can't Wait!

We Just Can't Wait! Slated for summer 2010 from Wiley Publishing, The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food,by James Beard Award Winner Gil Marks. Gil is a respected authority on culinary subjects in general and Jewish cuisine in particular. The information for this highly anticipated book has taken Gil...

"Top Chef" Contestant Heading to New York

Atlanta "Top Chef" Going to New York Atlanta chef Eli Kirshtein, a contestant on Bravo Network's "Top Chef" show, is headed to New York to become a "guest chef" at Solo restaurant in Manhattan. Solo is an eclectic kosher restaurant serving Mediterranean and Asian inspired food.

Time Out New York

Time Out New York Read their picks for NYC's 10 Best Kosher Restaurants. Or, if you just want a quick bite, there are seven choices listed.

KosherEye Discovery!!

KosherEye Discovery!! Whole Foods store brand "365 Everyday Value"mild sliced cheddar cheese, natural, vegetarian, no added hormones12 ounce package $4.99. STAR D certificaton.


S'mores My grandchildren will be visiting for the holidays and I would like to prepare their favorite summer camping dessert.. namely s’mores. But it is much too cold to venture outdoors and build a campfire or start the grill! Can s’mores be prepared in my oven? from MS Atlanta For kosher indoor...

Parve Coffee

Parve Coffee "I am having guests for dinner and would love to serve them a latte after the meal. Only problem, the entree is chicken. Any suggestions?" from Sarah M, Birmingham Yes, Sarah, we also lovelattes and know that you will receive compliments with this parve version. We use cold EdenSoy...

J Screen - Jewish Genetic Disease Screening

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