Whole Foods Market and Products from Israel

KosherEye feels compelled to share this statement in support of Whole Foods Market. As we all are aware, false rumors and innuendo may be damaging to a person or even a company. In our own interactions with this company, we have experienced not just a willingness, but a strong commitment to serve the kosher community. Both the ADL and Snopes support this point of view. Our local Briarcliff Whole Foods Market in Atlanta has even hired an on-site Mashgiach (kosher supervisor) to expand and enhance its healthful, kosher selection.

In response to our inquiry, regarding the rumor about Whole Foods boycotting Israeli products, we received the following prompt reply:

Products from Israel at Whole Foods Market

The rumor that Whole Foods Market has boycotted products from Israel or is anti-Israel is absolutely not true

The Anti-Defamation League investigated this false rumor and denounced it: also confirms that this information is false:

We have never boycotted products from Israel or any other country for that matter. Whole Foods Market is discerning when it comes to quality and taste, not country of origin. We are proud to carry great-tasting products that meet our high quality standards from countries around the world, including Israel.

It’s worth noting that at the exact time this rumor began to circulate, some of our buyers were actually on a sourcing trip to Israel!

As a decentralized company, we have 12 different operating regions. Those regions and even individual stores have the leeway to source their own products in addition to what is carried nationally. This is why product availability varies greatly among our stores, including products from Israel that are primarily found in our grocery, wine and Whole Body departments. Some are mainstays and some are offered seasonally, depending on customer demand in each individual community.

Whole Foods Market will certainly continue to offer products from Israel, so we thank our customers for helping us clear up this misinformation.

September 1,2011


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