Happy, Happy Birthday To Us

KosherEye is nearly one month old. We thank our growing list of friends for submitting thoughts, suggestions, questions and information.

Will you be featuring products, recipes and tips for ethnic/international cooking?
Yes, we have recently been testing and tasting some new globally sourced items and will be highlighting Italian, Thai and Indian finds in upcoming months.

Why are you always so complimentary and gushy about the items you feature?
We only highlight and spotlight food and recipe discoveries that we love! If we don’t like it, we don’t feature it! We receive NO FINANCIAL REMUNERATION from featured companies.

What’s coming in 2010?
Wow! Check back often for exciting kosher scoops, cooking and product advice from some celebrity VIP chefs.

How is your new website doing?
Along with our glamorous Ms. Koshereye, we can just say that we are in “HOG HEAVEN!” We are appreciative and excited with the overwhelming support of our new KosherEye friends. Please share the news…And remember, you don’t have to be kosher to enjoy kosher.

Will you be expanding your features?
Yes! We have only just begun! We have an exciting and VALUEable new feature coming in late January. Check back often.

Should I subscribe to your newsletter, The Wink?
Definitely! A great way for us to keep in touch and share some instant news, offers or finds.

How can I ask a question or make a comment?
Just click on the Contact Us button and share your thoughts.

How do I find you on Facebook? on Twitter?
Go to twitter.com/koshereye. Search for koshereye.com on Facebook.


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