Rosh Hashanah Wine Picks

Guest Post by Hana of @kosherwinereview

I always love to try new wines; Every time I see a new kosher wine, I have to taste it! When my friends are looking for wine, they always call me for recommendations. It is not always easy to find good kosher wine. My goal is to share my experiences to help others. I publish wine recommendations and wine related stories on my Facebook page – Kosher Wine Review, and on @kosherwinereview on Twitter. I present several of my Rosh Hashanah wine recommendations:

Sara Bee Moscato
Sweet white wine from the Puglia region of Italy...playful aromas of spring flowers, almond blossoms and lemon mousse. It is a rich and lively aperitif or a dessert wine; perfect for the "Kiddush" before eating the apple with honey. Approximate price: $6.99 at Trader Joes

Baron Herzog Chardonnay 2013
This Chardonnay is crisp and refreshing, smooth - textured yet lively on the palate. A very complex wine with notes of tropical fruit, apple and a hint of vanilla on the finish. It pairs perfectly with fish or chicken.
Approximate price: $13.

Terrenal Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
From Spain... Nice tannic backbone and a pleasant mid-palate full of plum and cherry flavors, hints of spices and a note of chocolate highlighting blackberry and black cherry fruits. Pairs well with a meat main course- Approximate price: $4.99

Porto Cordovero 2005
Fully matured in wood, it has an aroma of sweet black currant fruit, raspberry and dark chocolate. Great dessert wine. Pairs well with sorbet or fruits. Approximate price: $49.99

Galil Mountain Rosé 2012
Wine made from 79% Sangiovese, 7% Barbera, 7% Pinot Noir, 7% Grenache and has exceptionally beautiful color. Dry wine with attractive aromas of fresh strawberry, citrus fruit, raspberry and spices. This Rose is heavier than most of its type, will be a good dinner wine that pairs well with fish. Approximate price: $14.99

Binyamina Reserve Merlot 2010
Extremely dark red color, this Merlot is not too dry, somewhat woodsy, mild and smooth and with no after taste. Excellent with chicken or red meat. Approximate price: $20.99



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