Holiday Recipes
By Guest Columnist
Cindy Hodkin

Welcome to SIFTED. I consider myself a reformed attorney and currently give kosher cooking classes. We cook with the seasons, utilizing herbs and vegetables fresh from my garden that make you feel fresh and light in the summer, warm and fuzzy in the winter. Right now, we are cooking for the holidays and we hope that you will incorporate these the recipes into your repertoire!

Braciole, (pronounced bra-jiole) which is a classic Italian, rolled and stuffed beef. Classic braciole is stuffed with breadcrumbs and cheese. Ours will use string beans, polenta and fig jam. When you slice it, you will have the most beautiful cross section of golden polenta contrasting with the beautiful green of the beans and the rich brown meat. You will actually get two for one with this recipe; the string beans with fig sauce can stand on their own as a side dish. To accompany the braciole, we will make cauliflower couscous, and vegetarian kishka. So, enjoy and have a delicious new year! I would be happy to respond to any questions. You can contact me at

Braciole...My Way
Green Beans with Fig Jam
Cauliflower Couscous
Vegetarian Kishka 


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