The Deli Man Recipes


We were delighted and excited to introduce the new documentary Deli Man at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. The film, by Erik Greenberg Anjou is a mouthwatering experience. After viewing the movie, we explored the Internet to find some of the delicious recipes that Ziggy Gruber serves at his popular Houston Deli, Kenny & Ziggy's. Since the deli is not presently kosher certified, and since we don't live in Houston, we hope to prepare some of these at home. . . unless we can convince the lovable, hardworking Chef Ziggy Gruber to come to Atlanta and cook with us!


Ziggy's Kasha Varnishkas
Kenny and Ziggy's Egg Salad
Award Winning Chicken Soup Recipe from Kenny & Ziggy's Deli
Kenny & Ziggy's Matzo Balls
Kenny & Ziggy's Stuffed Cabbage


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