Wholly Wholesome Organic Pie Shells and Pie Dough

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The foundation for Wholly Wholesome was paved in 1972 in Morristown, New Jersey when Bob Wintz began a family business to bring baked goods to consumers. As the years passed and the company prospered, the Wintz family expanded their business and founded the Run-A-Ton Group.

Wholly Wholesome™ was born in 1996, founded by Bob’s son, Doon Wintz. It is a company dedicated to both quality and taste for the ingredient conscious consumer, with products “that taste as good or better than any other baked product in both the natural foods and conventional market”.

pieblueAs part of the Run–A–Ton Group, Doon Wintz along with his corporate team combined their passion for natural foods and great baked goods, with a commitment to wholesome, yet tasty baked foods and ready to bake products. Wholly Wholesome pie shells are parve.

product pie shells and gf‘Tis the season for baking pies! These “bake at home” pie shells and pie crusts are naturally wholicious and a great base for homemade pie filling. Just keep them frozen until you are ready to bake! Or, buy the pie dough and roll it out yourself when you need it. Wholly Wholesome pie shells are "guilt free" and taste homemade. We are longtime fans because the products are made without the use of animal products, artificial ingredients or hydrogenated fats. They are kosher certified OU Parve- and free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners.

For more information, visit whollywholesome.com

Enjoy this recipe for Chocolate Angel Pie made in a Wholly Wholesome pie shell!


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