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KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

When we were in Evergreen, the kosher supermarket in Monsey, NY we discovered a "life-changing kitchen tool:  Plastimade  brand disposable plastic cutting sheets. These plastic cutting sheets, come in a roll and can be cut to any size. They even have a built in sliding cutter, similar to a box of plastic wrap. Eliminate clean-up -- cut to any size--use--then toss.

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Now that we've tried and tested the EC PIN created by EC Therm, we are hooked. 

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                      Gourmia Fryista model post                                     Gourmia fries finalGourmia Fryista Air Fryer

Who knew?  At the 2018 International Housewares Show, we had spotted air fryers from several exhibitors,but were not really anxious to try a new countertop appliance. Besides, we’re from the south, and in our language “frying” means deep fry in several inches of oil. After viewing at least 10 different companies introducing various models of air fryers, we decided that on behalf of our readers, we had to stay on top of trends and educate ourselves as to what this gadget can (and we thought, cannot) do. So, we requested 2 test units…a very compact one from DASH, and a family sized air fryer from Gourmia. And, now, all we can say is Double WOW!

The Gourmia 5 quart air fryer is family sized, simple to use, affordably priced and results in crispy, fast cooked results. It uses a system called RadiVection 360-degree technology which provides radiant and convection heat for fast, even, crispy texture.

  •  Makes crispy French fries, vegetables, fried chicken and more with just a spray of oil
  •  It can roast, grills, bake and defrost
  •  RadiVection technology combines radiant & convection heat
  •  Takes less than 1/2 of the time of a regular oven
  •  Simple controls: 60-minute timer with auto shut-off;
  •  Temperature control up to 400° F
  •  5-quart fryer basket accommodates family sized quantities of food
  •  Removable, non-stick fry basket for easy for easy clean-up
  •  Includes recipe book
  •  1-year manufacturer's warranty

We highly recommend this unit, (GAF560) for pricing, ease of use, size and functionality. It is family friendly. Buy it here: Gourmia GAF560
Try our recipe for Fried Chicken in the Air Fryer 


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Shaker and Apple Strudel
Sift and Shake, Shake, Shake with RSVP

Yes, sometimes the right kitchen tool can make a difference in prep time, along with the way foods look and taste. Two examples of our favorites are our OXO apple slicer/corer which we often use – particularly when baking pies and cakes, and our Microplane citrus zester, which adds so much flavor to many dishes. We have recently tested some new sifting gadgets, and are sharing news of our favorites. Each is priced at $20 or less, and saves time.

The Endurance - 11 ounce 18/8 stainless all purpose shaker by RSVP-INT
This all-purpose shaker is perfect for sprinkling flour, herbs, sprinkles, salt, pepper while baking and cooking. The holes are substantially larger than those in the fine mesh shaker. The dishwasher-safe shaker comes with an airtight cover for storage.  - BUY by CLICKING HERE

The Endurance - 11 ounce 18/8 stainless fine mesh shaker by RSVP-INT
This is a handy tool to decorate foods such as cakes, pies, desserts, waffles, pancakes, and to garnish and flavor drinks. We particularly like using the shaker for garnishing cakes with powdered sugar. The dishwasher safe shaker comes with an airtight cover for storage. Approximately $10
 - BUY this Fine Mesh Shaker by CLICKING HERE.

The Chef’s Duster by Everyday Gourmet
This is a handy scoop for dry ingredients. Scoop directly from a canister, like a flour canister, snap on the cap, and gently squeeze the spring handle to dust, sift or blend. It is made from dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel, Approximately $20 - BUY The Chef's Duster by CLICKING HERE!

  rsvp fine mesh shakerRSVP all purpose shaker  chefs duster rsvp

Recipe: We mixed our favorite poultry spice rub and stored it in the all purpose shaker, ready for seasoning a poultry prior to roasting.

5 Tablespoons onion powder
5 Tablespoons garlic powder
5 Tablespoons paprika
2 teaspoons sea salt or kosher salt
1-teaspoon pepper

For more RSVP International brand kitchen tools visit:

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