PaperChef Parchment Tulip & Lotus Baking Cups

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Cooking with parchment is a time-honored tradition that is practiced by great chefs around the world. PaperChef is a Toronto based company, founded in 2010, that is committed to this tradition; included in their parchment baking line are the new Lotus and Tulip shaped Culinary Parchment Cups.  The convenience of baking with parchment is obvious: it is convenient, non–stick, food–safe and disposable. We always line our muffin pans with parchment baking cups and love these beautiful, gracefully shaped cups – the petal shapes of both designs add an elegance to the finished product. The Tulip Cup design won a Gold Sofi for Non–Food specialty item at the summer Fancy Food Show. Use them for both sweet and savory items – your baked items will be "elegantly" dressed.

Product Description:

  • Non–stick
  • 100% biodegradable; environmentally friendly
  • Lotus Cup: deeper cup size ideal for larger muffins
  • Tulip Cup: enhanced size provides a deeper baking cup; ideal for specialty cupcakes
  • Culinary art design – "From oven to table" service
  • Oven/microwave/freezer
  • Star K kosher certified

From PaperChef – Try the following recipe:
For the adventurous chef in you, think outside of the cup – because this baking essential is not just simply for baked goods. Try combining olive oil, chopped vegetables, herbs and an egg together in a parchment cup and bake in a cooking ring for about 10 minutes. Simply peeling away the paper will uncover a beautifully molded baked egg.

Suggested Price: $2.99/package of 12
Available on, Parchment Lotus Cups, Tulip Cups or visit for a "Where to Buy" listing.


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