The Crack'em


Who knew that we needed one of these? Where do YOU crack your eggs? On the dish, the bowl, the counter, the sink?  How hard do you “rap”? Yes, they all work - but we seem to always end up with an eggy mess… usually some shell, and often some egg drips.

Enter, the Crack’em! It is a dishwasher safe tray with a single slightly raised edge that provides the perfect surface to crack an egg, catching all the drips including the egg white. The cracked egg can easily be poured into a bowl or pan.

Because of kashrut, and the prohibition of using eggs with blood spots, cracking one egg at a time is the rule in kosher homes. The surface of the Crack’em (ours is white) allows full inspection of each egg.


Learn more about this nifty $6.00 gadget, watch the videos, and order here:

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