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Most Sabbath observant homes maintain a Sabbath friendly water-boiler urn for Shabbos and Yom Tov use. In fact, unless a home has a built-in kitchen instant hot water dispenser, a water-boiling urn is a staple in many kitchens.

At the International Housewares Show in Chicago, one of our searches was to find a Sabbath friendly hot water urn. An easy search at the world's largest housewares show? NO! This was not an easy quest due to all of the intricate electronics currently installed in most appliances. However we found a star- or shall we say a mini-star. The Zojirushi Micom Super Boiler is an excellent hot water solution for Shabbos and weekday use for an individual or small family. It is compact, easy to clean and holds 74 ounces (about 8 cups) of water. We like it because of its simplicity, its small footprint, and its ability to maintain the perfect water temperature for coffee and tea. As an added benefit, which we plan to take advantage of on our next driving vacation, it is easily transportable and can be used in a vacation condo or hotel room.

The Micom Super Boiler features an air pump dispensing system. It is easy to use with only one temperature setting and a lock/unlock feature to prevent accidental dispensing.
• 74 ounce capacity; Maintains a 208° temperature
• 3 simple-to- use controls including lock, reboil and descaling for cleaning
• Easy to see water level gauge
• 360 ° rotation on swivel base allowing pouring from all directions
• De-chlorinate and descaling mode reduces chlorine and musty odors from tap water
• Micro computerized temperature control system
• Removable magnetic power cord
• Convenient re-boil mode and easy to clean nonstick interior
• Dimensions 8 ½ x 10 ¼ x 12 ½ inches – Fits under most kitchen cabinets; White floral exterior
• Convenient size for travel
To confirm use on Shabbos and/or Yom Tov, please check with your own rabbinical authority.

For more information, visit Zojirushi.com.

To order The Micom Super Boiler, click here:  Zojirushi Micom Super Boiler 2.2L, Floral


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