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We are obsessive about keeping our sugars and flours fresh and bug-free. Our children know that we consider flour, sugar, coffee and many other edibles refrigerator foods, even if they are not. So when we discovered Prepworks pro-keepers at the Chicago Housewares Show, it was love at first sight. These containers are air tight, shaped to easily fit in the pantry or fridge and unique because of the extras hidden inside of each.
We tried three of these storage containers and plan to purchase additional sizes. So convenient and perfect for safe and hygienic food storage!



The sugar Pro-keeper features a silicone seal for airtight storage. The flip-to-pour spout and contoured body make for easy one-handed use. Clear body with measurement marks to see how much sugar is remaining.
• 2.5 qt capacity
• Holds a 4 lb. bag of sugar (Wish it held 5 lbs.)
• Dishwasher safe



The tinted UV-blocking Pro-Keeper preserves flavors and freshness of coffee beans and grounds. The silicone seal provides airtight storage
• 1.5 qt capacity
• Includes a one Tablespoon scoop which stores inside the container
• Dishwasher safe


The flour Pro-Keeper features a silicone seal for airtight storage. The removable leveler snaps into the lid for easy storage. Measurement marks clearly display remaining flour.
• 4 qt capacity
• Holds up to 5 lbs. of flour (YAY!)
• Removable flour leveler store in lid. Great feature
• Dishwasher safe


Watch the Prepworks Pro-Keeper innovative storage solutions in use:


Prepworks ProKeepers™

Posted by Progressive International on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pro-Keepers may be purchased by clicking here: Prepworks Pro_Keepers


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