Microplane Kitchen Glove

 For Kitchen Cut Protection

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Just like professional chefs, home cooks carry our own very special badges of kitchen honor – burns, cuts, niches and scars, which prove our love of cooking! Yes, the kitchen can be a dangerous place.

For the burns, we recommend a live aloe plant, at the ready, at all times, and placed near a kitchen window. An aloe plant is easy to grow, needs little water, and is very soothing when the inevitable burn occurs.

But, for cuts, we try to prevent them with – the amazing Microplane protective, cut resistant kitchen glove. Just put this lightweight, machine washable glove on the hand holding the vegetable or fruit, and cut or slice away. The glove will protect you from niches and scrapes. Now, we didn’t say it is foolproof, but with the standard kitchen sous chef jobs this glove adds an extra layer of safety. It is cut resistant, NOT cut proof. And, yes there’s more! It is made by the same company that sells those excellent and sharp Microplane graters!

⦿   Helps to stay safe and protected while using zesters, graters, and peelers
⦿   Comfortable to use, comes in one size, and fits right or left hands
⦿   Safe to wash in the home washing machine; air or drip dry only
⦿   A must have for home or professional cooks of all ages

For more information, visit Microplane.com
To purchase Microplane Kitchen Gloves: Microplane Kitchen Cut-Protection Glove


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