Vacu Vin Instant Marinator

Better vacu vin 320x480

The Vacu Vin 2.5 quart Instant Marinater is a unique tool that
marinates and tenderizes meat, fish, chicken, tofu and fresh vegetables.
It works in minutes by creating a vacuum which opens up the
pores and fibers of the foood allowing for a deep, quick flavoring. This process actually can also tenderize meat, so less costly cuts of meat can be used. Easy to use: Place the items you want to marinate into the bowl with your choice of marinade. Put the lid on and suction out the air with the pump, creating a vacuum inside the bowl to drive the marinade into the food.

We particularly liked the Vacu Vin Marinater when we made London broil, brisket and steaks.

  • Made of durable polycarbonate
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • 2 1/2 quart container - use to marinate and for storage
  • Marinates and tenderizes in minutes
  • Easy to use, saves time
  • For meat, fish, poultry and vegetables

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 VacuVin Marinator

 To purchase this marinator, visit here: Vacu Vin Instant Marinating Container with Vacuum Pump - Large, 2.50 Liter, Black


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