The Mighty Mug

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The Mighty Mug

Oops, spilled coffee or toppled drinks – who hasn’t had that issue? Sometimes embarrassing, sometimes harmful. Jayme Smaldone, founder of Mighty Mug, has come up with a solution. Along with his dad, he followed his dream and, after overcoming business challenges and financial hurdles, met success. News of the mug has gone viral, and it is sold online and at major retailers such as Target and  Bed Bath & Beyond.

Mighty Mug multi colorsAfter months of tinkering and testing, the company came up with a process called Smartgrip technology, the magic behind the Mighty Mug. Here’s how it works – the weight of the mug keeps suction in place and “locks in onto a flat surface” such as a desk or table. It simply resists spills, and defies gravity. The Smartgrip process received a utility patent from the U.S. Patent office, and the company has sold over 2 million.

Does it work? A resounding yes! It certainly avoids accidental spills and is much safer to use on a desk that a traditional mug. The product is now also available in barware as a wine or highball glass.

Watch this Mighty Mug video: 12 million others already have!

For more information:; To buy a Mighty Mug: Mighty Mug Go


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