ORA Paper Towels

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NEW! ORA Paper Towels - Both Everyday and Shabbat friendly!
A --Why didn’t I think of that product discovery!

ORA is a disposable round kitchen towel stacked on a most unique, contemporary base. It does not tear, is not perforated, and offers an easy one step grab and lift. The product was designed and manufactured across the pond in Great Britain. An Ora roll has about 100 sheets, twice the number of sheets than are on a conventional kitchen roll. Ora is innovative, budget friendly, functional, compact and stylish enough to keep on the counter. They are eco-friendly, and we found the towels soft, yet very strong. Factoid: Did you know… when rectangular kitchen towels are used, the four corners are hardly ever touched?

Finally, great news…Ora is Shabbat friendl and so convenient! Since the towels are not attached to each other, and just lift right off the roll, We find it perfect for use after hand-washing towel, and so helpful for cleaning Shabbat spills. ORA Paper Towels are available online and at stores around the USA, including Target at approximately $2.99 per roll. or $7.99 for a triple roll. Visit the Ora website:  Ora, the round paper towel


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