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Baking for a crowd

Love Cooking Company offers special occasion pans, which we “love”. The company works with inventors, experienced bakers and well know culinary experts to offer the consumer innovative products.
These party pans make baking for a large group unique, fast and fun. We tried the 21 portion mini loaf pans in which we made our secret cornbread recipe. And, then we made 24 cupcakes for a family birthday party. And cutest of all, we made adorable one-bite minis in the Mrs. Fields Cutie Cakes pan.

Love Cooking partners with:
Mrs. Fields- Pans for entertaining and creative baking
David Tutera- Sweet Celebrations collection of nonstick bakeware and food storage for all occasions.
Chef Tony - Unique cookware for healthier meat preparation
Monster Bakeware – Pans when baking for a crowd!

We tried 3 bakeware products from Love Cooking Company. All are made of carbon steel, and had a convenient non stick coating:

  • IMG 4904 muffins and loaves
  • Mrs. Fields' Cutie Cakes™ This pan creates 48 bite-size cakes, perfect for parties, showers, holidays, when you just want a small, sweet portion controlled indulgence. We made vanilla cuties for a baby shower.

  • The Monsters!
    Monster 21 Mini Loaf Pan
    Perfect for baking a large quantity of mini loaf cakes or breads. This would even work for mini challahs. The non-stick coating allows for quick release and easy cleanup. Makes 21 mini loafs at a time.

  • cupcakes 2 MobileMonster 24 Cupcake Pan
    This pan is perfect for a children’s party – makes 24 cupcakes or muffins at a time.


Since Passover is coming soon, any of these pans would make a great addition to a bakeware collection.
By the way, if you have a tool idea for baking or entertaining, contact the company at
Love Cooking products are available for purchase:


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