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When we remodeled our kitchen almost two years ago, and then our bath last year, we unexpectedly had to go on a search for new kitchen cleaners. With new quartzite and marble counters, stainless appliances, glass front cabinets, and wood floors we were advised that typical harsh cleaners had bleach and ammonia and were not safe to clean any of these materials. And, lately we’ve been reading that some of these cleaners are not safe for us as well. We have found several excellent cleaning products that we will be sharing with you, and Hope’s is a standout!

Hope’s is a 40-year-old family business focused on producing cleaners and polishes that “fulfill their promises, and make cleaning less of a chore.” Hope’s goal is to achieve a perfect clean with less effort. “and deliver the best clean you’ve ever seen”. We have tested these cleaning products, and have had excellent results. We are still pondering the ongoing debate, whether to use a single multi-task product or specialized individual cleaning products. However, we have concluded that there is a place for both.

Perfect Glass
Perfect Glass® is a 100% streak-free glass cleaner specifically designed with a no-residue formula to eliminate the residual haze. The Hope formula is balanced to reduce cleaning time and maximizing efficacy. Plus, it’s ammonia. #1 Rated Formula in leading consumer’s magazines..

Perfect Granite
For granite, marble, and stone we like Perfect Granite counters and backsplashes. The unique no-residue formula is ammonia, acid, and alcohol free. It performs as a good daily cleaner that won’t damage surfaces or sealers.

Perfect Stainless
Perfect Stainless® is a 100% streak-free stainless steel polish for those tired of cleaning up after their cleaners. Perfect Stainless cleans and shines in just one step, without the dust collecting, oily residue other polishes leave behind. It is recommended for kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, cooktops, ovens, grills, and dishwashers.

Perfect Kitchen
Most multi-surface cleaners leave streaks, film, and Perfect Kitchen® is 100% residue-free. This multi-task cleaner and its no-residue formula works on countertops, stovetops, appliances, faucets, sinks, stainless steel, sealed marble and granite, tile, and more looking perfect.

Perfect Sink
Perfect Sink™. is a gentle cleanser that shines, polishes, and protects in one simple step. It is formulated to remove tough stains, water spots, and rust stains, leaving behind a shine. Additionally, this formula won’t scratch surfaces, and provides an invisible water repellant barrier, like a freshly waxed car. It’s works on various sink materials including brushed stainless steel, cast iron (porcelain), Corian® (solid surface), and more.

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