Ankarsrum -The Assistent

Ankarsrum --The Original Assistent
A Creative Kitchen Companion

You may not yet be familiar with the brand Ankarsrum, or even able to pronounce the word, but it has been around since 1940, previously sold as Magic Mill and the Electrolux Assistent. This stand mixer was originally launched by Swedish manufacturer Electrolux, and is now available for purchase in the U.S. as the Ankarsrum Original Assistent. Thw Assistent can work with  5 lbs. of flour, and is the largest non-commercial capacity mixer on the market. It is beloved by challah and bread bakers across the world. Unlike other stand mixers, the Assistent rotates the bowl rather than the dough hook

The motor and most of the machine have been developed, manufactured and assembled in Ankarsrum, a mill town in Småland, southern Sweden. The mixer has a unique roller and scraper design that mimics the action of kneading by hand. For heavier doughs, a large dough hook comes with the Assistent. Along with being a powerful all-purpose stand mixer, its strength also makes it a world-class bread dough mixer and kneader. It's renowned for long term reliability and quality results whether making a cake, whipping a meringue, or preparing as many as six or seven one pound loaves of bread.

We discovered The Ankarsrum “Assistent” (yes, assistent IS spelled with an “e”) at the Chicago International Housewares Show. The concept of the Assistent® Original is to meet as many kitchen needs as possible with the help of a single machine -- it can be used for kneading, mixing, squeezing and grinding. Available attachments include a grinder (or as its Swedish manufacturing calls it, “a mincer”), a juicer, cookie press, and more. There are actually twelve different accessories for The Assistent, with more planned in the future. The goal…to make life in the kitchen simpler and more efficient.

Meat grinder in action cr
We found that making a large batch of challah and bread is so convenient. And, we have an ongoing experiment happening with grinding our own meat for hamburgers, meatballs and more. We have been using chuck roast for the burgers, but are planning to try brisket burgers this summer. See our short grinding video by clicking here
Along with discovering this exceptional kitchen appliance in Chicago, we met the U.S. distributor, Ashley McCord, who happens to live in Woodstock, GA. She represents Ankarsrum as part of her family business, The Bread Becker housewares store. Ashley became a proponent of The Assistent because her mom used it at home and sold it in the store. Over the years, the Becker clan (9 kids) realized the longevity, reliability and ease of use of this mixer, and they reached out to Ankarsrum to become the authorized U.S. distributor. Amazingly, Mrs. Sue Becker (Ashley’s mom) made six 1 lb. loaves of bread every other day for her family of 11, and now her daughter Ashley follows in her footsteps for her 3 children.

The Ankarsrum Assistent Original has been around for more than 75 years. What started as a kitchen machine for professional use is now a part of households around the world. Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing a lot about this versatile machine.

For more information, visit Visit the Ankarsrum YouTube channel, and watch the machine in action.

  •  Proud Swedish quality
  •  Outstanding bowl access;infinitely variable speed
  •  Tremendous torque for heavy loads
  •  Large 7.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl
  •  Low profile to fit under overhead cabinets
  •  Doesn't walk on counter
  •  Timer for automatic shut off
  •  Exceptional kneading action
  •  Wide range of quality accessories; 
  • Available in multiple colors

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How to make challah in the Ankarsrum Original Assistent

To purchase the Ankarsrum Original Assistent online, click here:  Ankarsrum Assistent 
To locate a dealer, click here: Ankarsrum authorized dealers

Ankarsrum supplied their latest model (the N30) for our testing. We rate it a WOW!


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