Duralex Lys Parisian Soup Bowls

Duralex soup
Duralex Lys Parisian Soup Bowls
18 ounces 

We have had a set of Duralex nesting glass-mixing bowls for over 7 years. They are still unchipped, unscratched and look like new, even though we use them almost daily for mixing, storing and serving.
When we decided that we needed new soup bowls, Duralex came to mind. We love the beautiful soup bowls that match our dinnerware, but they often are too large, particularly when the soup course is followed by a huge dinner. We wanted something smaller, for more modest soup portions, (maybe 2 ladles of liquid and a matzo ball) that would complement our patterned dinnerware. So let me tell you about these Lys bowls…or perhaps I should quote what my teenage granddaughter said, ”these new bowls are the perfect size for soup”. We agree.

Duralex Lys thermal glass bowls are functional and stylish, named after the Lys River which traverses France and Belgium. The lovely collection, ”is symbolic of what this French  tributary traditionally represents: clarity, simplicity, utility, and beauty.”

Duralex stacked nice

Duralex bowls are still made in France since 1939
• Durable tempered glass
• Impact and chip resistant
• Non-Porous, does not absorb liquid
• Dishwasher, freezer and microwave Safe
• Stackable set of 6 bowls; 18 ounces each
  Visit Duralex at Duralex.com

You can buy a set of Duralex Lys Parisian Soup Bowls: HERE
Serve our delicious soup recipe in Duralex Lys bowls: Hearty Split Pea Soup


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