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Hooray for the Spray!
The Evo Oil Sprayer by Delta Industries

The EVO sprayer for edible oils has been updated in a more compact size. Designed by the renowned Michael Graves Design Group, the Evo Oil Sprayers are now available in 6 ounce glass bottles and a set of two 8 ounce plastic bottles, along with the original 18 ounce bottles. Each has an ergonomic trigger, which makes it easy to use. Fill them with you're your choice of oils and use for cooking, baking, sautéing or grilling or simply adding oil to salads. They use no propellants or chemicals. So, spray away!

The Evo bottles are not just simple spray bottles; they offer a way of using controlled amounts of your favorite cooking oils and dressings in a safe, healthy, economical, and Eco friendly way. They utilize a proprietary design and an advanced trigger sprayer, which result in aerosol-free spray of edible oil products. The Evo provides ¼ teaspoon of oil per trigger pull, ensuring basic portion control and consistency. The rotating nozzle allows the Evo to spray in both an aerosol or fan spray. The bottles can be refilled and reused. KosherEye thinks that these are must haves for the kitchen. We find the smaller sized 6-ounce and 8 ounce bottles essential cooking and baking helpers. Learn more at evosprayers.com

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