Joseph Joseph Nest™ 2-piece Colander Set

Joseph Joseph Nest™
2- Piece Colander Set

Oh those cabinets! - Almost everyone can always use more. In most kitchens, each square inch of drawer and cabinet space is precious. Therefore we always feel that kitchen tools must be convenient, compact, functional and also easy to clean. The Joseph Joseph nesting colander set fits all of these requirements.


  • 2 plastic nesting sizes – A small colander, 6.2"x 3.5" x 6.2" and a large colander 9.3" x 8.7" 5.2"
  • Built in ergonomic vertical handles
  • Space saving stack together feature for storage
  • Angled, easy pour corners.
  • Footed bases to promote draining
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2-year warranty

Joseph and joseph

By the way, we always wondered why the name Joseph Joseph for this creative, trend setting brand.
Well now we know…meet the founders brothers Antony and Richard Joseph.
For more information on the brand visit

If you would like to treat your kitchen to this efficient tool (available in gray or green), CLICK HERE to purchase the set on Amazon.



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