CIRCULON Elementum Nonstick Oval Grill Pan

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Sear, Char and Sizzle!

A grill pan is a tool which has been popularized by TV chefs. We often see those TV chefs preparing burgers, vegetables, steak and chicken on their indoor stovetop grill pan. So, we decided that it was time to give it a try. Although we often use our outdoor gas grill, when the weather is inclement, we much prefer to cook indoors.

We have been testing the CIRCULON 15” nonstick oval grill pan. We’ve tried other grill pans previously, but found them too cumbersome to handle. On past tries we have found other brands were just to heavy to manage, making them difficult to use, clean and store. However working with the Circulon 15” grill pan was a pleasure.. It provided the sizzle, browning and cooking we were looking for, at just the right weight and size.. It sells for about $40 a price point. We think that this pan is a gift yourself, gift others kitchen tool. You can order it here  

Stove-top suitable for gas, electric, Glass or ceramic cooktops
Offers even heat distribution
Oven safe to 400 degrees
Triple layer nonstick interior for natural food release
Silicone handles providing a safe, easy grasp
Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty (Love this!)
Hard anodized construction
Hand wash (we used soap and warm water for easy cleanup)
Oyster gray non-stick exterior

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