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Don't BUG OUT!
ZEVO helps to keep the Bugs Away

We consider the south a very special place to live. We treasure its friendly people, polite drivers, caring neighbors, and abundance of flowers, trees, and bushes. The down-size is a much longer insect season. Bugs are also comfortable in our moderate climate and hospitable environment. In the past decades, many southerners used DDT and other poisonous sprays to prevent insects around the perimeter of their homes, and from entering homes and especially their kitchens. In many cases, the exterminator became a part of the family. However, now we are much more aware of the toxins in insect sprays and those found in fact in house cleaning solutions as well. We try to avoid both.

Enter ZEVO. We read about this new insect eradication product, and requested testing samples from the manufacturer. As most of our readers know, we do not write about products we have not used and liked.The results: we have not had a live insect- not an ant, a spider or a centipede in our home since we started using Zevo. Prior to our recent 3 week trip (to Israel) we sprayed all of the thresholds of our doors and windows with the Zevo spray. We chose the ant, roach, fly  spray. When we returned home, there was not a live insect anywhere; As the weather warms, we plan to use the Zevo insect traps, and the outdoor flying, stinging insect spray, and will report back.

Why do we like Zevo? Simple... It works! • Safe for use around pets and people     
• Ingredients inspired by plant science
• Eradicates a broad range of crawling, flying, and stinging insects.
• DOES NOT contain known harmful ingredients to humans or pets
• Money Back Guarantee

Choose from Instant Action Sprays to spray directly on a live insect.                                                                           
Use a Zevo trap to continuously attract and capture flying insects.
Zevo Flying Insect Traps use dual-action bio-attractants to attract flying insects and capture them into a powerful adhesive backing that you never have to touch!
For more information and to order online; Zevoinsect.com

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