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Time, temperature, and heat are all important when it comes to cooking. Mastering these requires experience and practice, and sometimes even professional chefs find it challenging to reach optimum meat doneness. Our cooking life and methods seem to be changing rapidly, just think of our Instant Pots, our Air Fryers, and our super-duper Blend Tecs and Vita Mixers. So, along came a new way to measure food temperature. Who knew that we would need a wireless meat probe? We certainly did not. Now that we've tried and tested the EC PIN created by EC Therm, we are hooked. 

The company, ECTherm was founded by a team of engineers intending to make simple but functional tools for homemakers and chefs. Remember, as we have mentioned before, we are NOT technical, but found this new gadget pretty simple and very useful. Here's how the ECPIN works... We simply added the ECPIN app to our iPhone, placed the wireless probe horizontally into our thick rib steak, We opened the phone app; set our desired temperature to 126 degrees...and placed the steak on the grill. That's it. We went into our kitchen to set the table, and when the meat had reached the specified temp, the app notified us. WOW!

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The product sends real-time cooking information to your phone, so you can stay on top of its status at anytime. We recommend this tool for tech savvy cooks or "wannabe" tech savvy cooks seeking a simple way to reach precise doneness temperature. We tried it on a beef roast as well. Next will be a chicken or turkey. It works in the oven or on a grill. The ECPIN is somewhat pricey at $69, but a very useful, convenient investment if you prepare a lot of meat and poultry.
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