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KosherEye Featured Product

KosherEye Featured Product

Dandies Marshmallows CR

Dandies are our new favorite marshmallows.
They are made with all natural ingredients, contain no high fructose corn syrup or gelatin (they're 100% vegan!), and are the first ever marshmallow to be Non-GMO Project Verified. Oh, and of course, they are kosher.
Traditional marshmallows are made with gelatin, so Dandies decided it was time for a makeover. Dandies Marshmallows taste just like a conventional marshmallow. Their light and fluffy “marshies” as they nicknamed them work for roasting over a fire, putting in hot chocolate, classic crispy treats, s'mores, or just snacking!

Dandies are available at Grocery and other retail stores.  To find where they are sold in your area, click here: Where to buy Dandies.
You can also buy Dandies online here: Dandies Marshmallows Online

  •  Made with all natural ingredients
  •  Gelatin free (100% vegan)
  •  Free from most common allergens
  •  Gluten free
  •  Contains no corn syrup
  •  Made in a dedicated vegan facility

Dandies Crispy Treats by Chelsie Jangord
1 10 oz bag of Dandies Marshmallows (mini or regular)
5 cups Crisp Rice Cereal
2 Tbsp. Vegan margarine (like Earth Balance)
2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

Microwave Instructions
In a microwave safe bowl, combine Dandies, margarine, and coconut oil. In 30-second intervals, with a quick stir between each, microwave until marshmallows are fully melted. Mix in cereal and stir until evenly coated with marshmallow cream. Press mixture into a 9x9 pan. Once cool, cut into squares, and enjoy!

Stovetop Instructions
In a medium pot on very LOW heat, combine margarine, coconut oil and marshmallows. Stir until fully broken down. Approximately 7–8 minutes. Mix in cereal and stir until evenly coated with marshmallow cream. Press mixture into a 9x9 pan. Once cool, cut into squares, and enjoy!

EASY S’mores Brownies – A Dandy recipe from KosherEye
1 package brownie mix like Dunkin' Hines or Ghirardelli
2 cups Dandies mini marshmallows
5 graham crackers, broken in large pieces or left whole
1 cup Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 350
Grease 13 x 9 pan
Mix and bake brownies per package directions (Do not overbake)
Remove from oven. Immediately sprinkle marshmallows and chocolate chips over warm cake. Press down with spatula; Return to oven for 2 minutes
Arrange graham crackers on top and push down.
Cool completely; When serving, slice around crackers
Enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Wild Hibiscus Flower Company
Eat… Drink… Be Wild

wild hibiscus2 MobileWhat a sweet product! All natural and deliciously edible, Wild Hibiscus presents beautiful hibiscus flowers jarred in a cane sugar syrup. Flowers are hand packed into jars to preserve quality, shape, natural color and flavor. The flowers are cooked in the jar and and vacuum sealed - which gives them a long shelf life. Both the flower and infused syrup are delicious. We use them in cocktails, as a garnish for spirited drinks and in our iced tea. For the holidays, we plan to add a flower and some syrup to our fruit salad. Wild Hibiscus products, including their lovely floral extracts are kosher certified by Kosher Australia.

  •  100% Natural
  •  Made from Real Flowers
  •  Alcohol free
  •  Heat Stable in cooking
  •  3 year shelf life (refrigerate once opened)
  •  Handmade in Small Batches
  •  Premium Quality

Visit Wild Hibiscus at; on Twitter @wildhibiscusco

Try our recipe for New Year Sparklers
1 bottle sparkling white wine or prosecco, chilled well
1 sliced orange
1 Wild Hibiscus flower per glass
Simply pour into champagne glass and serve.

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Savannah Be Honey logo Mobile
KosherEye has recently sampled several new honey varieties from Savannah Bee Company. These are quite unique and perfect for gifting others or treating yourself as we approach the New Year. This honey will certainly make it sweeter!

First a brief word about honey from Savannah Bee:
“Honey is like a fine wine that is created from flowers instead of grapes. The term "varietal honey" refers to the honey gathered from a single type of blossom. Each type of nectar has its own flavor and sugar composition depending on the flower that produces it, therefore the honey reflects the unique taste of the bloom. Savannah Bee Company is the leader in honey purity standards.”

Lavender honey Savannah bee


Lavender Honey is among the most prized varietals of honey. The wild lavender honey is sourced from remote mountains in Southern Spain, and harvested in late spring and early summer. This premium honey has a faint, floral aroma, and a subtle, delicate fruity finish. Its light slightly purple color provides a gentle flavor, and it is lovely in mild tea and as a sugar substitute in baking.

Rosemary honey Savannah Bee




Savannah Bee Rosemary Honey is one of their most intricate and complex honey varieties. With origins in Spain, its fresh, woodsy aroma gives way to a delicately soft sweetness. This rosemary honey is produced in a remote natural setting and is a product of wild growing Rosemary plants.  Pair this premium honey with robust dishes like chicken, and lamb for a noticeably herbal flavor and distinct sweetness.


orange blossom honeycomb savannah beeDrumroll please: Orange Blossom Honeycomb
Orange Blossom honeycomb is a rare treat available only once every four or five years. Orange Blossom honeycomb is only harvested when the Orange Blossom honey crop is abundant, like this year. During low-yield years, all Orange Blossom honey is extracted from the comb and sold in its liquid form. 2016, however, was a great year for Orange Blossom honey and the honeycomb is currently available.

All of the Savannah Bee Honeys are 100% pure and KSA certified.

For more honey education and information:
Visit or
On Twitter: @savannahbeeco

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Daregal Spices
Darégal Gourmet
“An herb garden in your freezer”

As summer wanes and fall approaches, those fresh garden herbs we love sadly disappear. Yes, we’ve likely frozen some, but never enough to last through the long, cold winter. That’s just the reason we are now devoted fans of Darégal, OU kosher certified fresh frozen herbs

Darégal has been at the forefront of herbs in France since 1887. Five generations and more than 120 years later, the Darbonne family is still proud to own and operate Darégal. and has recently introduced an innovation for the home or professional cook. Their ready-to-use frozen chopped herbs can go directly from the freezer into any soup, sauce, salad, or spread, no thawing necessary. Simply remove the container from the freezer, give a little shake to loosen the chopped herbs, and sprinkle out the desired amount.
KosherEye has used and still uses other brands of frozen herbs, and they are certainly very helpful. The difference is that these herbs are pure—no slat, oils or additives.
They are washed, chopped, and packaged in easy to use shake and store containers, and have a long shelf life.
Kosher certified varieties include Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Garlic

  •  Processed hours after harvest to preserve flavor and nutrients
  •  Washed, chopped and ready to use
  •  No salt, oil or preservatives
  •  OU kosher certified

For more information about Darégal, visit Daré orégalherbs, The product is available at supermarkets across the U.S,
or on Amazon at: Darégal spices

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mintslims MobileThe “Snack Artist” for Goodie Girl cookies is founder Shira Berk. In 2010, k, She was known by friends as a talented, but untrained baker, and spent much time running the café inside her children’s preschool. A fellow parent challenged her to create a good tasting gluten free cookie. And, wow, has she succeeded. In her words, she has created insanely delicious good for you goodies.”junk food without the junk!”;

The former New York City-based punk rock music-marketing exec created a fun and delicious gluten-free cookie line, certified OU-D kosher. Berk, who lost 80 lbs. nearly 10 years ago, (and has maintained an ideal weight every since) says her favorite flavor is the original gluten-free Quinoa Chocolate Chunk. Their slogan –“Goodness never tasted so wrong”. The cookies are low in calories and made with wholesome ingredients. The entire line is gluten-free.
Our favorite flavors of those we have tasted so far…Definitely the oatmeal raisin cookie for breakfast with our coffee of course, and the chocolate dipped mint slims, a yummy dessert – with only 40 calories per cookie. No these are not health foods, but almost.

goodie girl Mobile
Other flavors we will be adding to our future tastings: toffee chaos, midnight brownie, vanilla slims and cocoa slims.

Follow @goodiegirlnyc on Twitter, or visit their website The cookies are available nationwide at supermarkets such as Shoprite, Fairway, Walmart, Fresh Market and on

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